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Ok, è come se non volessi i 4.000

15 Lug

C’è qualcosa in me che si comporta come se non volessi arrivare all’articolo numero 4.000, con tutto che è praticamente da tre mesi che vado avanti in tale funzione. Insomma, ogni giorno ho pensato a che stessi per avvicinarmi, eppure non ho moltissime idee, il che è grave specialmente perché domani si celebra un anniversario importante. Ho deciso, quindi, che dedicherò un post al mio vecchio blog vuoto, per poi scrivere il 4.000.

Anthony Padilla’s Pokémon video gone wrong

28 Giu

Power Rangers movie sequel talks are happening

27 Giu

Welcome back to my blog.

Even when I was thinking the Power Rangers could have bombed, I did not expect it to bomb this hard. It feels like no one cared about it but fans.

Therefore, it would not surprise me if the planned movie franchise simply ceases to exist, and it would make sense.

However, it appears that sequel talks are actually happening, thanks to toy sales. Now, the director, Dean Israelite, strangely mentions that not only movie toy sales, but also Ninja Steel toy sales may be helping the movie. It’s nice to know that Power Rangers itself is supporting Power Rangers.

I don’t think we fans should cheer, but now we know that the sequel is not dead in the water. Let’s just see how well it does in Japan and with DVD sales.

Meanwhile, see you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!

The mine

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month mine

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June mine

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