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The culture behind a Megazord: three years later

20 Gen

Welcome back to my blog. In the night between January 19th and 20th, I wrote an article about the Thunderzord, and I named it “The culture behind a Megazord”. I got the inspiration after discovering channels like Gaijin Goomba and Game Theory (of which GG is part), in the period where my consumption of YouTube switched to more cultural channels.

Ever since, I wrote dozens and dozens of posts about the World of Power Rangers and Super Sentai, and I haven’t stopped.

The past 12 months have seen a huge amount of posts, especially in March and July, but there has been a “problem”: my passion for tokusatsu almost wore off.

And I mean it: I haven’t watched anything toku for months, and I seriously thought it was over.

However, during the past weeks, I started “missing” being a tokusatsu fan, watching episodes and movies, enjoying clips, listening to themes and so on.

My passion is finally coming back, and the reason it hasn’t completely done so is that I’m in an “exam session”, so I have to focus much more on studying. Still, in a matter of weeks, I hope I can come back, especially because this is going to be a huge year!

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!


25 anni di Power Rangers: 2018, il grande anniversario

19 Gen

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The culture behind a Megazord: 25

17 Gen

Welcome back to my blog. This is officially my first tokusatsu-related post of 2018.

Now, if that much time had passed since the beginning of January in another year, I would have waited for the first “The culture behind a Megazord” to be published on the 20th, as an anniversary post.

However, there is a topic I want to introduce before we go to the 3rd anniversary of my first post of the series.

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The culture behind a Megazord: let’s wrap up this 2017

30 Dic

Welcome back to my blog.

Now, usually, the final “The culture behind a Megazord” of the year would see a wrap up where I talk about the best of this series, while as well including retroactively other posts. Now, I won’t do that now (sorry for the repetition) because I want to do this around the time this series will reach its 3rd anniversary (especially because it’ll be a radical change).

Here, I want to wrap it up my 2017 for The culture behind a Megazord, which hasn’t been a good year, especially when I think about my 2017 as a tokusatsu fan.

Sure, it may seem otherwise, like in the days leading up to the Power Rangers movie or during July where I wrote every day, but my passion for tokusatsu almost wore off this year.

I don’t know how, but I definitely hope it’ll return, and, since it lasted for the entire year, I feel the need to say sorry to you. Seriously, I hate when someone talks to you when it’s clear they would prefer any other topic, and that’s how I felt throughout this year.

I just don’t know what happened. Well, technically I do, considering that it started last year. Maybe I need something “big” to take me back into the tokusatsu fandom.

In 2017, I felt like an unwanted guest, someone who shows up to a party because all his friends are there, but doesn’t feel like partying.

Still, are there positive sides? Yes, there are, as now I feel like there are no boundaries for “The culture behind a Megazord”. I could talk about everything tokusatsu-related without thinking “this doesn’t belong here”, unlike previous years.

Plus, this is the first year I wrote articles while acknowledging it. In 2015, it started out as “monthly”, so many posts were added later, while in 2016 I only realized I wrote 100 posts at the end.

Now, I won’t count down all the posts, because I want to enlarge this series when it’ll celebrate its 3rd anniversary.

Therefore, the 2017 of The culture behind a Megazord has officially ended.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!

The culture behind a Megazord: an amazing 2017 for Power Rangers!

30 Dic

Welcome back to my blog. Next year, Power Rangers will celebrate its 25th anniversary, a really, really big deal considering it’s a kid show that’s still on air. How many shows aimed at kids out there can brag about having aired for so long that those who watch it today may very well be the children of the first fans?

Anyway, this may as well be the first time an anniversary year has to follow up the one preceeding it, as 2017 has been amazing for this franchise.

In fact, let’s talk about what made it morphenomenal.


It’s Morphin’ Time!

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The culture behind a Megazord: Power Rangers being bought by Disney and then sold back

14 Dic

Welcome back to my blog.

So, Disney just bought Fox. Well, not everything from Fox (especially because I don’t think it would have been allowed), but now X-Men, Fantastic 4, The Simpsons, Avatar and many more fall under the huge list of Disney properties.

It feels like Disney will own everything, with little to no room for properties to be separate from this giant empire.

Except, there is one case of a property being bought by Disney and then sold back.

I’m talking about Power Rangers.

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The culture behind a Megazord: what if the next season was introduced with stingers?

10 Dic

Welcome back to my blog. A good thing about stingers or post-credits scenes is that you could film it at any time. Some Marvel movies even added one after the World premiere.

I say it because I already imagined some telling me that “Power Rangers chooses which Sentai will be adapted next well after the production of the current season has ended”. All you have to do is shoot scenes with the next season’s suits like the early cameos they do in VS movies.

Now, imagine if teases about what was coming next actually happened. We did have something ever now and then, but it wasn’t enough.

I will not include Zordon Era teams, as it was a long story arc involving them, as well as Super Megaforce because it isn’t a new team.

Let’s see what we’ve got.

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