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Getting my life together in 2020, no matter what

30 Mar


There is one simple reason why this blog post exists. I am sick and tired of how everybody is talking about 2020 being such an awful year that no one is having good things coming from it.

Every time I log into my social accounts, everyone says stuff like not being able to get their life together because of the quarantine, or how 2020 is the worst year that has ever happened in the history of mankind (when I feel like presumably every single year between the start of WWI and the end of WWII could be categorized as such).

Nobody seems to have anything positive to say, nobody is managing to do something positive, nobody feels like there is a single chance of hope.

You know what? If I can’t see someone making a positive post, I’ll be the one to do so.

First of all, a bit of context. I am in my mid-ish 20s (I’m about to be 27, and I don’t know if 27 is still “mid-20s” or I can already say that I’m pushing 30), and yet I still go to university, without any notion on what my future is going to be, and with the constant fear that I am so late that there is nothing I can do to actually be on track.

However, during the last three months, I managed to pass the first half of my penultimate exam (the next one was supposed to be in late February, but, due to the virus, it’ll be on April 1st), I started an internship at a library which finally showed me how I could handle a working life, I finally don’t feel like my biggest passion, writing, is a waste of time and that I could actually create something big, and many other great things.

What I want to say is that my 2020 is on track to be one of my best years ever, if not the best year of my life.

However, I’m feeling like a bad person to be so happy and joyful about my 2020 when the whole internet talks about it like it’s the Apocalypse and Ragnarök happening at the same time!

How is that possible that there is not a single soul that is getting their life together because of this? Are you telling me that nobody has the opportunity to figure out things about themselves to become better and take their change to seize the day and live at your fullest?

This is the part where I would try to say something more positive, but, truth be told, my post is just something that exists because I want to hope that, out there, people who are overcoming the bad things of their year exist, and that their 2020 can still be bright.

That’s also why I don’t know how to finish this post, so I’ll just say something that us Italians keep hearing all day: andrà tutto bene.