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The culture behind a Megazord: what if Power Rangers and Spider-Man Homecoming were switched?

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Welcome back to my blog.

Yesterday, I finally got to watch Spider-Man Homecoming, and I couldn’t help but think at how this isn’t the only superhero movie of this year that tries to blend classic teenager movies from the 1980s into an action adventure.

In fact, you could say that Dean Israelite’s Power Rangers beat it to the punch, especially with having numerous homages to The Breakfast Club.

However, I don’t want to compare them, especially because my opinion on them is switched from what the public feels. While Power Rangers is usually bashed, Homecoming is praised, even though I loved the first and was let down by the second.

Therefore, my article is simpler: considering that they have different tones and approaches to the whole “modern teenager as a modern superhero” thing, what if they were switched?

I mean, what if Power Rangers was more lighthearted and dealt with a universe where aliens, monsters and heroes are part of the daily life, while Spider-Man Homecoming was a darker rendition of Peter Parker’s early years as a hero?

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The culture behind a Megazord: well, it’s just a Shooting Stars video

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Because I love those memes so much and I couldn’t think of a better idea for today’s post!


The culture behind a Megazord: would a sequel fail because of the original?

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Welcome back to my blog.

There are some movie franchises that had a bad beginning, but still managed to get enough back to justify a sequel, and it’s even incredibly good, correcting all the mistakes.

Still, it bombs, because people see it as “the sequel to a bad movie” and stop caring.

It’s similar to TV shows. How often have you seen shows whose earlier episodes are bad, but it becomes a gem later on?

For me, it was Fringe, which I didn’t abandon simply because a friend of mine told me what would have expected me.

This is a big problem when something is so bad no one simply doesn’t want to give it another chance.

I think this is what might happen with the Power Rangers movie, which bombed so much I wonder if non-fans even cared about it. Therefore, a sequel is likely doomed to fail, which is another reason why I don’t actually want it.

At this point, it’s too much of a risk, and both domestic and international grossing pointed it out: Power Rangers will never come out of its “cheesy kid show from the ’90s” bubble.

What is your opinion about it?

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The culture behind a Megazord: Go Go Power Rangers with bagpipes

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Welcome back to my blog. Considering that today’s “The culture behind a Megazord” is a bit weird, I decided to make one more by showing the Snake Charmer playing Go Go Power Rangers with bagpipes.

An Indian girl playing a celtic instrument for a theme song of an American TV show based off a Japanese one. That’s too much multiculturalism.

Hope you enjoy!


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The culture behind a Megazord: the shortest one

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Welcome back to my blog.

Yay, Power Rangers!

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The culture behind a Megazord: this is where I draw the line

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Welcome back to my blog.

So, the Power Rangers movie bombed in Japan as well, huh?

And to think that us fans almost took it for granted that it was going to be a success in East Asia.

Now, this article could talk about how the release dates were an issue (not only in some countries it came out weeks later, but in China it arrived in May and in Japan just now, meaning that international fans did have the time to pirate it, especially considering it came out on DVD before the Japanese release). Or, I could mention stuff like “it shouldn’t have been released against Beauty and the Beast” (though I find it funny that everyone criticizes Disney for remaking its classic movies in live-actions but they’re always #1 at the box office).

However, that’s not going to be my topic for today. Instead, I want to ask: why is it so difficult for Power Rangers to gain a “nostalgia audience” when literally everything from the 1990s’ pop culture is being brought back or revived in some form?

Here are my answer, and remember that it’s just a personal opinion.

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The culture behind a Megazord: about an article dealing with the Neo-Saban Era

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Welcome back to my blog.

Today, I wanted to write about the Neo-Saban Era, as an “answer” to this post about the Neo-Saban Era, calling it the worst era of Power Rangers.

I want to share my opinion and thoughts.

First of all, I have to admit that I don’t want Disney to buy the franchise back. It’s just that they kept showing their continuous lack of care for it, and I hate people who do something showing you they wouldn’t want to, instead of, you know, give it to someone else so that they can do better. Nothing good happens if you treat something like a chore. Well, except for actual chores.

Rushed Production

I don’t think they rush the production, even though I wonder why doing it so “fast”. Shooting starts in Autumn and ends in Spring, one year and a half before the finale airs. Why not being calmer? Well, I guess it’s better when it comes to budget: if you only work for 5 months, they have to pay you for 5 months.

OP mentions Megaforce and Super Megaforce, and I agree it became an utter mess. Okay, they have two huge toylines, but how can you mix Gokaiger and Goseiger well? Especially considering that Super Megaforce almost always consists of the Rangers using the Goseiger suits to get to a place and then fight with the Gokaiger ones.

Casting & Characters

Arrow has a very bad acting, to the point where villain Malcolm Merlyn seems to be the only one who can actually act!

However, I always ask one question: who watches this show for the acting?

Power Rangers is similar, but the fact is that all that matters should be how well they can entertain the public, especially kids. I wonder why they keep talking when they fight, though.

As for the personalities, well, I tend to disagree, only because at least Dino Charge does differentiate them. Samurai can’t because they have to match the Sentai, Megaforce can’t because they don’t have time and Ninja Steel … well, it tries awkwardly.


I have to copy and paste what OP said because I completely agree with him.

So where did the money for this epic 20th Anniversary celebration go? Well, as speculated, it was spent on a………………..filler episode……..involving their robot buddy exploring the city………………………because to kids, that’s more exciting then an epic Ranger battle. How exciting.

How the hell did this happen? If I know there’s going to be an epic final battle which needs lots of budget, I wouldn’t waste it to create unusual episodes.

I mean, the original Sentai episode has a nice story about a kid never giving up that would have been great to see adapted.

But no, let’s have some slapstick gags with the Rangers looking for their robot.

No wonder Saban fired Tzachor!

Post production

Another quirk from Tzachor’s Megaforce is that there’s an episode where they shoot original scenes in a place that matches the Sentai footage, so they had to spend a lot more buget for that. This needs to be mentioned because, nowadays, everyone can clearly tell that they don’t do well with post production.

I know, it’s difficult to constantly match the Sentai footage, but what about using editing tricks? OP mentions how the Graphite Ranger looks different in American footage, but there could have been some color correction.

More of a Toy Commercial Than Ever

Well, Power Rangers needs to be a toy commercial. After all, that’s its nature and goal. However, it has to be done right.

The collectibles are too many, and I agree that the Sentai can at least use 50 episodes and some movies, whereas Power Rangers has 40 and maybe a Halloween and Christmas special.

There’s something new each episode, so they showcase too much.

Awful network

The one part I don’t understand about the airing is why the hell the season hiatus is longer than the gap between two seasons. Why, though? They have a Spring and an Autumn market, I get it, but we’re talking about kids! If you stop something for kids on March, would you expect them to come back on September? They would have definitely changed what they like and the toys they play with.

Then, there are his final thoughts, but I don’t know what to say.

Therefore, I just finish my article by recommending his blog.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!