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Xiao de Pingguo

16 Nov


Chiisai Ringo

16 Nov

T-ARA(티아라) & Chopsticks Brothers – Little Apple OFFICIAL MV(1080P)

16 Nov

Little Apple

16 Nov

The names of European Countries

14 Nov

Welcome back to my blog. In my previous article, I used a post from Relatively Interesting. However, after I read it, I noticed that they had a fascinating picture about how European countries got their names. I will now post the picture here, giving them all credit due. Yes, it includes all transcontinental countries too. See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!

The origin of European country names

Just a quick and not so very useful article about Europe

14 Nov

Risultati immagini per European countries

Welcome back to my blog. I felt like writing something different after like a dozen of articles about football. For a while, I thought about doing something similar to my regions of Europe article (goodness, I wrote it 10 months and a half ago!) in that I’ll talk about countries, but in a more “divisive” way. How can you include European countries into small “pockets”, smaller regions?

Oh, by the way, this is a random map I’ve found on the website Relatively Interesting. I needed a map which included all transcontinental countries, so I’m sorry if it could cause controversies regarding places like Crimea or Kosovo. It wasn’t my intention, okay?

Now, despite its dimensions, Europe isn’t a continent with one similar culture. Sure, common elements can be found everywhere, but I don’t think you could see Georgian, Turkish, Estonian and Irish culture and think “they’re one and the same!”.

However, let us simply divide Europe, okay? Tell me if and where I should be corrected.

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13 Nov