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Pensavo che era da tantissimo che non scrivevo un post senza senso, quindi qui ilbLOSSvuoto

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SSC Napoli: le partite europee dal ritorno in A

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Bentornati nel blog vuoto. Mi è venuta in mente una cosa riguardo al Napoli: gli azzurri sono la squadra dalla maggiore continuità europea attuale, avendo disputato una competizione internazionale ogni anno dal 2010 ad oggi. Anzi, escludendo la stagione del 2007-2008 (quella dell’immediato ritorno), dall’inizio del loro ciclo in Serie A hanno avuto soltanto una stagione senza europa, quella 2009-2010, a seguito del dodicesimo posto dell’anno precedente (ed è comunque tutto dire che, in 11 anni consecutivi di Serie A, l’unico in cui hai stonato è il secondo).

In poche parole, il Napoli ha disputato numerose partite in Europa, cominciando dalla gara in Intertoto di 10 anni fa, e quindi mi andava di menzionare qui le partite internazionali dei partenopei, proprio in virtù del loro aver disputato più competizioni di tutte le altre italiane nell’ultimo decennio.

Cominciamo subito!

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I casi umani e le vostre passioni

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Di norma, c’è quel tipo di caso umano che, per provarci con te, ti “corteggia” in discoteca o per strada (per loro, palpeggiare un sedere e dire cosa ti farebbero nell’accoppiarsi con te equivale a fare la corte, ma non l’ho mai capita questa cosa). Da un lato, sono molto fastidiosi, ma, dall’altro, hanno il pregio che cercano di inguaiarti la vita solamente “dall’esterno”.

Poi, però, ci sono quelli che decidono di prendere le tue passioni, ciò con cui cerchi di fuggire dalla vita quotidiana, e fingere di esserne interessati solo per fare colpo su di te. In pratica, loro camminano sul sentiero dove c’è il fiore dei tuoi hobby, quello che maneggi con cura da tanti anni, e lo calpestano convinti che porti bene.

Certo, con le giuste attenzioni, quel fiore potrebbe tornare ad esser rigoglioso, ma rimane comunque la macchia indelebile di quel caso umano.

Comunque, ho pensato di provare a descrivere come si comportano i casi umani nei confronti delle tue passioni, comparandoli a un comportamento più normale.

Questi sono i casi umani con le vostre passioni.

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Calcio Italiano: 40 Italian football teams in short  

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Calcio Italiano: 40 Italian football teams in short  

Welcome back to my blog. I am an Italian football fan, and I just wanted to talk about 40 teams from all around the country.

Some of them have a huge international resonance, whereas others are popular teams in Italy or even wrote pages in the history of Italian football, or, as we call it, “Calcio Italiano”.

Initially, this was just going to be about the 20 teams who will compete in this season’s Serie A, but I decided to also include 20 other teams.

In fact, I will start with those extra 20, before diving into the Serie A 20, and I’ll say something brief for all of them, just as a quick introduction.

In fact, if you aren’t actually interested in those teams, you can skip ahead to where it says “2018-2019 Serie A teams”. Now, without further to do, let’s begin.

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“The whole World calls it football” well, actually …

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There are words in standard British English that are different than the American equivalent. It makes sense, because you can’t have a language be exactly like the standard form everywhere. After all, Germany borders both Switzerland and Austria, and they all can have different words for one thing.

However, even though there are some terms that confuse Brits in the US or Americans in the UK, there’s one difference that would always spark a debate, no matter what: football VS soccer.

You could upload a 10 minute long video talking about soccer, but even if you call the sport like that just once, that’s the biggest argument in the comment section.

Now, I was going to talk about the known fact that both terms derive from the same one (Association Football) and that it was the British who first started shortening Association into soccer, but I would like to focus on one of the things Americans hear every time.

“The entire World calls it football!”

That even frustrates me, because I know this isn’t true. How? I’ll tell you later.

For now, I’d focus on the fact that there are countries that prefer soccer because, like the United States, the most popular form of football is gridiron football (or American football). Some of these countries are Australia, Canada, South Africa and Japan, so you can even go outside English-speaking countries.

However, there are other places where this sport has its own term, and Italy is one of them.

If you are a football fan, you probably know some Italian teams like Juventus, Inter Milan or their local rivals, AC Milan. Do you know what does “AC” stand for?

Associazione Calcio. The first one is clearly “association” (but also “club”) in Italian, whereas “calcio” is the Italian term for football/soccer.

It literally just means “kick”, and it derives from the Reinassance game called, you guessed it, calcio, which was played in Florence. In fact, Florence’s team also uses “Associazione Calcio” in its name.

 Risultati immagini per logo fiorentina

I am giving you the example of Italy because you can see that at least one country with a rich and powerful history of the beautiful game doesn’t call it football. Of course, you can find the term “Football Club” in names of teams like Juventus, Inter Milan and even Genoa Cricket and Footbal Club, which is the oldest team in Italy.

 Risultati immagini per genoa logo

One case where “soccer” was used by a big Italian team can be found when, in 2004, Napoli got relegated and rebranded itself as Napoli Soccer for a couple of years.


Then, they returned to their old name, which can be found in all their classic logos from 1964 onwards.

I don’t think that many people would read this article, but I just wanted to clarify that the US aren’t the only country that doesn’t call it football.

And this article also inspired me into making one about some Italian teams in the future.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!

2018-2019: the likelyhood of each “Big 5 Leagues” teams of winning it

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Spain has dominated the last 5 years of club football, as Manchester United’s victory of the 2017 Europa League is the only continental trophy between 2014 and 2018 that wasn’t won by a team playing in La Liga.

Real Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid secured a winning cycle that had no equal in football history, because, even when a nation dominated one competition (like England winning the European Championship between the ’70s and ’80s or Italy dominating the UEFA Cup in the ’90s), the other one wasn’t always won by a team from the same championship.

However, we’re not going to be talking about it. As you’ve seen from the title, I wanted to address how likely each team from the Big 5 Leagues to win the next Champions League, with a honourable mention to other big European teams.

Spain, England, Germany and Italy all have 4 teams, whereas France only has 3, and it’s likely that one of those 23 teams will be the next European champion, because it is rare to see a team not from La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga or Serie A win the trophy (France only won it once).

So, let’s see how likely those teams are to win the Champions League, but remember: this is my humble opinion, so feel free to disagree and tell me why you are disageeing.

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The DC live-action multiverse is finally canon thanks to “Worlds of DC”!

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Welcome back to my blog. 

Back in 2012-2013, when Arrow was airing its first season, fans started wondering if it would have had anything to do with Man of Steel, which would have kickstarted DC’s equivalent to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

For more than a year, everything was left ambiguous. Batman v. Superman was announced, The Flash appeared on Arrow and everybody started thinking that this would have been a nice fusion of the movies and TV shows.

However, it was then revealed that the movies would have been their own thing, the DC Cinematic Universe, whereas the TV shows were going to be separate universes. It seemed like a live-action multiverse was going to take place.

In fact, Arrow and The Flash weren’t just airing while the movies were in production, but NBC also had a Constantine show, Fox had Gotham and CBS was going to produce Supergirl.

Of course, that felt like a hugely missed opportunity, because you can’t have almost every corner of network TV filled with DC shows without even try to just broadly connect them.

However, it was then shown that the connection was indeed real: John Constantine appeared on Arrow, while Supergirl was stated to be one of the multiple Earths of The Flash. Gotham was the only one on its own, but the cast was open to make a crossover.

Then, it was the time of the movie universe, which was then called DC Extended Universe. 

We all know how everything turned out to be with what was supposed to become the Pepsi to Marvel’s Coca-Cola. It was clear how the TV shows were way better connected, and that the Arrowverse was much closer to be the actual DC answer to the MCU.

In fact, while the TV side of DC is thriving (especially now, with the upcoming DC Universe streaming service), the movie side is falling all over the place, with the top being Martin Scorsese’s Joker movie, which would have not cared about the DCEU’s iteration of the clown prince of crime.

It seemed like the project of a movie franchise was going to be dead after only 5 movies (not including the three currently in different stages of production).

However, at San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that this franchise would have taken a new name. Well, not new, because, apparently, DC Extended Universe wasn’t even the official name, so it’s more like asking someone to stop using a made up name before revealing the true one, which is:


An excellent title that opens the possibility of creating limitless franchises and, who knows, finally tying together all the projects that started popping up during this half decade.

Elseworlds movies may happen (with The Joker as the first one) and a movie or a TV show can be part of the franchise even without following its continuity. It’s a win-win scenario where the DC Extended Universe can continue existing, but by becoming part of something way bigger.

After all, nothing stops DC from adapting the Infinite Earths, so maybe this is where they can be headed.

Okay, it’s been more than a year since the last time something related to a DC movie made me excited.

Well, I am glad that DC decided to finally acknowledge that they have been building up a huge multiverse in movies and TV shows, and everything would have been a big waste if they decided to simply toss them in favor of a franchise that has hit rock bottom multiple times. 

In fact, I will now ask you which shows and franchises you think they should deserve to be part of this franchise.

  • The DC Extended Universe (which is still the biggest franchise there)
  • The Arrowverse (the live-action multiverse that keeps growing and growing after six years)
  • Gotham (the biggest network show not to be part of the Arrowverse, at least not yet)
  • Black Lightning & iZombie (they’re probably Arrowverse, though)
  • The DC Universe shows (will they be their own Earth?)
  • Krypton (is it still a DCEU prequel?)
  • The Joker movie (as the first of a series of Elseworlds)
  • Pennyworth (upcoming show about Batman’s butler)

It would be pretty interesting to see those franchises be united as one, which would reflect the early days of American comic books, when the various books weren’t supposed to be together, and as such they formed many continuity snarls when they did.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!