Serie B 2006-2007: the year of Juventus, Napoli and Genoa

13 Ago

Welcome back to my blog. So, next week, the 2017-2018 season of Serie A will finally begin. However, my thoughts are headed towards 10 years ago, when the 2006-2007 Serie B has probably its biggest year ever.

Over the previous two seasons, Napoli and Genoa, two big teams with a huge history, got relegated to Serie C1. The “azzurri” had to wait a couple of years to get back to Serie B, while the “grifoni” only spent one.

Then, the Calciopoli scandal meant that Juventus had to spend its first year ever in Serie B.

Therefore, in 2006, Serie B saw three great teams having to start from scratch, one of which was arguably the most supported and powerful in Italy.

It was such a huge year that many started considering that Serie B as a “Serie A2”.

Of course, those three great teams went on to dominate the championship, with Juventus winning it with ease. There was, however, a final game to play: Genoa-Napoli.

Now, that’s the rule with Serie B play-off: the only way they don’t take place is that the third placed team has at least 10 points more than the fourth. The situation was this: Napoli second with 78 points, Genoa third with 77 and Pescara, fourth, with 67. That meant that the two teams, who have been friends with one another for decades, could have gone to Serie A together if they drew while Piacenza didn’t win.

That was the case, as two draws meant that Napoli and Genoa could go celebrating their return to Serie A together, alongside Juventus.

Over the course of those 10 years, not only those three teams are still in Serie A (it is rare to see teams promoted in the same year to last this long without one of them being relegated at some point), but they became powerhouses in their own. Especially Juventus with their 6 consecutive scudettos and multiple attempts at winning the Champions League.

That year was still a big deal, and, a decade later, it proved to be one of the starting points for the return to form of Italian football. See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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