The culture behind a Megazord: a 25 years Red Rangers banner?

12 Ago

Welcome back to my blog.

This was the Red Rangers banner for the 20th anniversary.

Now, we’re about to celebrate th 25th, so I wonder who would be put in a 25th anniversary version of this. Therefore, here’s who I’d pick.

First of all, Tyler and Brody must be here to represent their seasons, but we’d still be at 22. Another one I’d put would be Rocky as the Red Ninjetti Ranger, at least as a reference to the first movie.

I don’t know if I’d put Super Megaforce Red, because I love how everyone here is featured once. However, let’s just put him just so we can have Gokaiger represented. Maybe he’s one of the other Super Mega Rangers using his Ranger Key.

For the 25th, I would go with the A-Squad Red Ranger from SPD, removing the other two candidates for a reason:

  • The Crimson Ranger is, well, crimson, and I’d love to see the same shade of Red
  • Leanbow is an extra warrior. Sure, he’d make more sense than a character who barely appeared, but he’s extra

Who’d you put here?

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!




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