The culture behind a Megazord: chronological anniversary VS season anniversary

11 Ago

Welcome back to my blog.

If you take a look at the anniversary history of Super Sentai and Power Rangers, you’d feel weirded out, because it doesn’t always match the chronological anniversary of the beginning of their franchises.

Sure, they do acknowledge it, but they usually go for another route: the season anniversary.

Power Rangers

For the first 17 seasons, Power Rangers aired nonstop, which mean that the first anniversary season, Wild Force, aired in 2002. Then, the 15th aired in the Summer of 2007, a month before th 14th anniversary, not even the 15th.

Sure, it kinda makes sense for those seasons to be anniversaries (the 10th and final Saban season and the 5th Disney season), but that meant no chronological anniversary, and fan favourite Ninja Storm and Jungle Fury could have given something.

Nowadays, with the skip of 2010, the season numbers coincides with the anniversaries, so, for instance, now we’re 24 years since Mighty Morphin’ began and Ninja Steel is actually the 24th season, so the anniversary coincide, even though Super Megaforce aired in 2014.

However, Super Ninja Steel will finally see an anniversary event airing on a chronological anniversary.

Super Sentai

For the first anniversary, Super Sentai did acknowledge that Liveman was the 10th season and that Turboranger aired 10 years after Battle Fever J. However, when they retroactively included Goranger and JAKQ in the mix, it meant that the anniversary season would air the year next the chronological one.

Thus, Gaoranger, Boukenger, Gokaiger and ZyuOhger celebrated Goranger despite the fact that they aired closer to the anniversary of Goranger’s ending than to its debut. Especially with the 40th anniversary movie.

Sure, with NinNinger, we finally had a chronological anniversary that had elements of an anniversary season, but I wonder if it’ll go on.

Man, how many times did I say anniversary?

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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