Writing: “rules” I have when it comes to “I don’t kill a character when”

3 Ago

Welcome back to my blog.

I am an amateur writer, which means that I use my hobby to have creatively fun and even improve my language (yes, even English).

However, I sometimes also have rules when it comes to my writing. Usually, those rules involve linking my stories together and not expand too much the world of what I’m currently writing. By that I mean that, yes, I could tell you that there’s more, but I don’t want to end up looking like I want you to go elsewhere because this story isn’t as interesting as other ones.

There is, though, a point where I have my rules: not to kill a character. Now, I rarely kill characters, for two reasons:

  1. I’m still not good at writing death scenes;
  2. When I create a character, I have so many ideas that I don’t want to kill them and “close” their paths. This goes along with the first reason, because I know you were wondering “wait, why don’t you write more death scenes to improve then?”;

Yet, should the case ever happen (and it does happen), I have to follow specific criteria and understand that I don’t wnat a character to die if one of those happens.

Here are some of my criteria.

Killing a character just so another one can mourn them

I hate when this happens, because it reduces the dead character into nothing but a way to show you how depressed but strong another one is.

Usually, in films, this happens with love interests, who are murdered so that the other one can mourn. This happens to important characters as well, and I hate it.

Destroy a canon OTP shortly afterwards

So, a couple of characters finally gets together … when one of them is suddenly killed. Just, why? This can definitely be seen as an appendix to the previous point, especially if the character alive is used to see their love interests die.

Sudden shock value

I am someone who loves explanations to stuff, so you would never see me writing a scene where one of the characters suddenly murders the others without context or other things that justify it. Shock value is a good thing only if you master it, and I haven’t.

The protagonist prevails because they’re the protagonist

If I say that a character is too powerful for the protagonist, then something huge has to happen for the latter to prevail, and not just anime stuff like “I believe in myself” and so he wins.

I want a similar replacement

Why the hell would I want to replace a character by killing one off? I could simply use the two together or justify some reasons, but I don’t kill characters just because they’re similar. Otherwise, my stories would be empty.

So, this is a short article that I wanted to write.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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