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“Why is Turkey in this map?”

28 Ago

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Welcome back to my blog. I’m glad I found a map that not only is useful for the topic I’m about to talk about, but has its own trademark, so at least I know I have to credit

Anyway, this is a small “rant” that I don’t think anyone would care about, but I needed to make.

Every time someone makes a map about anything European, like “languages of Europe” or “minorities in Europe” and it includes Turkey in it, there’s always, always someone commenting about it. Even when it isn’t the main topic of the post!

“Turkey is not Europe”

“Why is Turkey here?”

“Why not including Iran if we’re at it?”

Guys, I understand that you don’t consider Turkey to be European due to historical, cultural and geographical reasons, but is it that frustrating that someone does consider it? Sure, to you it may stick like a sore thumb, but if the map is about “languages of Europe” can you please talk about that instead?

Let me finish this rant, otherwise I may not stop.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!

Serie A: the glorious eras of Italian football

27 Ago

Welcome back to my blog. When it comes to football, every nation thinks about its most glorious period hoping it can come back somehow. For instance, in Hungary, whenever the national team plays a very bad game, comparisons with how the “Mighty Magyars” of the 1950s would have been are countless.

Italy doesn’t have one “most glorious period”. The national team had multiple ones, and sometimes the clubs even had back-to-back periods.

Therefore, I wanted to talk about them.

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The region in Europe with countries’ names ending in “-land”

26 Ago

Welcome back to my blog. When you take a look at central Asia, you notice how each country’s name ends with “-stan”, which means “land of the” in Persian.

In Europe, however, we do have a somewhat contiguous region of countries that have the same prefix, which is “-land”. Now, I’m going to include a couple of countries whose name doesn’t end in “-land” in English, but remember that this isn’t just a European thing, as there are countries like Thailand or New Zealand.

Let’s start from right to left.

Finland is the only Scandinavian nation with “-land” at the end, and from there you can go by sea or by plane to Poland. Next to it, Germany, whose local name is Deutschland. I’d also include Denmark due to the Jutland peninsula, but we can get there later.

From Germany, you can either go south to Switzerland or east to the Netherlands, to sail and go to England. After reaching Scotland, there’s Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and then another cruise to Iceland. The “-land” region ends with Greenland, so we can say that northern and central Europe contain a “-land” region similar to the “-stan” one in central Asia.

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Your Name: il capolavoro di Makoto Shinkai come esempio di colpo di scena

5 Ago

Bentornati nel blog vuoto.

Your Name è il film d’animazione giapponese dal maggiore incasso di tutti i tempi, e penso che uno dei motivi sia da ricercare proprio nella sua storia. Tuttavia, considerando che basterebbero anche solo due parole per fare spoiler, metto il salto qui. Non andate oltre il poster se non avete visto il film!

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