The culture behind a Megazord: the female Rangers on the most crowded Sentai teams

27 Lug

Welcome back to my blog.

At first, I was about to write an article on why I don’t think we’ll have a female lead on Super Sentai, but I figured out it’s a “big” topic that I shouldn’t write about after a whole day spent between studying 12 chapters of Chinese grammar and writing stories, because it needs focus.

I can, however, point out the male-to-female ratio on Sentai with the highest number of Rangers.

Now, I don’t want to use Sentai with “just” six Rangers, because having just one girl out of five (with then another guy as the Sixth Ranger) can still pass as “tradition”. However, there have been three instances of Sentai with at least 10 Rangers, all of whom didn’t have a prominent female ratio.

I will not complain, just point out the facts. I will leave them there for you to judge.

Let’s begin.

Dekaranger: one off Rangers

I always read that one of the reasons Dekaranger has this name because it has ten Rangers (Deka is the Greek number 10).

However, I don’t know how much we can consider this as a ten-member Rangers, because three of them are one-offs. And they’re all female.

Sure, Dekaswan at least sticks around all season, so you can still consider her as part of the team despite her powers being used more times on Gokaiger than on Dekaranger. And Gokaiger only used those powers twice.

Then, we have Dekabright, which only appears at the end, so it’s kinda like ToQ 7gou which seems to show up at the end just to “complete” something.

But the worst offender is Dekagold. Now, she’d have the huge honour of being the first Sentai Gold Ranger. The problem is that she only henshins for like 5 seconds, and we don’t even see the full suit. I mean, you’re introducing a colour on your franchise with an appearance so short a Vine could have been longer?

Kyouryuuger: “too feminine”

The reason why we have the current streak of male Yellow Rangers is that the author of Kyouryuuger pointed out that he didn’t want a Yellow Ranger because a male Yellow would have been too feminine. Of course, NinNinger, ZyuOhger and Kyuuranger proved that it’s nonsense, as Yellow is just a colour like others.

However, we talk about a Sentai with 11 Rangers, but with only one core female (Pink), one extra (Violet, but who inherits those powers from her grandfather) and one late replacement (Cyan). This means that all but one powers have started off as belonging to a male Ranger.

Thankfully, Kyouryuu Violet has been a scene stealer (which is something, considering this show has been a Red Ranger carnival).

Kyuuranger: Hammy-chan

Kyuuranger has 12 Rangers as for now. Some of them are robots (Black, Pink, Gold), but the others are almost all male. This is the first Sentai with a female Green Ranger … but she’s the only female “human” Ranger on a team of 12. And fans wonder if there’ll be a female lead: if they go on like this, we should even wonder if there’s even gonna be a female Ranger at all.

Now, the article ends here. See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!


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