Just having a weird, simple and funny time with Marvel and DC superhero (and villain) costumes

27 Lug

Imagine to have some groups of either heroes or villains from Marvel and DC, using only the main colour of their costume to put them there.

You may end up with some improbable team-ups, but what if they fight and compete? Who would win?

Here are those teams, if I were to choose them.

Oh, I’ll only choose 6 per colour.


Red: Flash, Daredevil, Deadpool, Robin, Spider-Man and Carnage

Blue: Superman, Mr. Fantastic, Atom, Captain Cold, Captain America and Cyclops

Green: Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Swamp Thing, Green Goblin, Jean Grey and the Hulk

Yellow: Wolverine, Yellowjacket, Sinestro, Reverse Flash, Kid Flash and Sentry

Black: Black Canary, Black Panther, Dark Archer, Black Bolt, Venom and Nightwing

Grey: Thor, Batman, Colossus, Quicksilver, Cyborg and Killer Frost

White: Emma Frost, Moon Knight, Power Girl, White Canary, White Tiger and Magneto

Others: Aquaman, Firestorm, Deathstroke, Iron Man, Starlord and Doctor Strange

I just did this for having fun, but can you imagine a fight like this? It would be weird, but also amazing!



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