Could the MCU implode with the lack of talking between TV and movies?

22 Lug

Welcome back to my blog.

So, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is always presented as a miracle: a cross-media franchise that manages to have an interconnected and intact continuity despite having started off almost 10 years ago.

In fact, every time there’s a major shake-up, it’s something fixable.

The movies always influence the TV shows (especially Agents of SHIELD), but sometimes they can explain something that wouldn’t be clear if you only watch the movie (like the climax on Age of Ultron).

Sure, there can be some timeline issues, or even differences between how an event is protrayed in the movies or in TV. For instance, the number of the victims of the Battle of New York is definitely higher in Daredevil.

Another shakeup would be when an actor or an actress is casted in a movie but then gets another role in the TV shows. Alfie Woodard is an excellent example, considering that she played two characters in the same year, so it’s not like Enver Gjokaj who had a cameo in The Avengers and then was Agent Souza on Agent Carter. Here, the possibility of making the character one and the same was already there, and they missed it.

However, it’s nothing wrong. After all, long running franchises tend to have double roles for actors.

Then, we found out that two TV shows will have characters that the movies already used (or are about to). The Runaways need the character of Tina Minoru because of her daughter Nico, but she appeared on Doctor Strange. Black Panther casted an actress as Nightshade, which is also set to appear on Luke Cage.

Now, continuity errors are easy to fix if it isn’t something huge that would require a forced retcon. Double roles can be swept away. But this, this is different: out of all the Marvel characters, they managed to use two needed for a TV property twice. This is X-Men level of having a character in two movies despite being set in different periods.

Considering that Runaways hasn’t aired yet, we don’t know the role of Tina Minoru, but I wonder if they’ll try to address what was she doing in Kamar-Taj when Stephen Strange was training.

As for Nightshade, they could technically pull off what Arrow has done twice:

  • In the backdoor pilot for The Flash, Linda Park shows up as a reporter, but in that series she’s played by a completely different actress. And they manage to get away with that even though that newscast is so important it is still shown in flashbacks;
  • Dinah Drake. Arrow shamelessly named the new Black Canary like the mother of Laurel Lance. It feels forced, but at least doesn’t ruin the continuity;

The two Nightshades could easily be different people, but we have to wait until one of them debuts. Maybe, they could be actually playing different characters, but if they end up being the same one, it would mean that, for the first time, TV and movies will have a huge difference that separates them.

I sincerely hope it will be solved, because I want the MCU to be interconnected, and to make me think about how a simple show for teenagers is actually set in the same world where the Avengers are fighting in and the Defenders protect New York.

Next year, we will see if things are going to break out, turning the TV shows into its own separate continuity.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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