The DC live-action multiverse

21 Lug

Welcome back to my blog.

Marvel and DC take two completely different approaches when it comes to create a franchise out of their properties.

The House of Ideas decided to create the MCU, an ongoing series of movies and TV shows all sharing one single continuity, so everything is connected, even though we haven’t seen a big crossover between their branches (movies, ABC, Freeform and Netflix).

DC, on the other hand, had a more creative and comic book-like approach in developing a multiverse. Each property can be set whenever they want, so we’re left with lots of movies and shows creating their own franchises.

Here’s what the DC live-action multiverse looks like right now, not counting possible changes (like revealing that the upcoming Black Lightning show is actually part of Earth-1).

DC Extended Universe

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This is the continuity where all the A-list heroes share one world. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and others are all active heroes who live in a dark world but have to save it.

Due to its nature of being composed by high-budget blockbusters with big name actors as important superheroes, it is safe to assume this is the main universe.


A separate “time bubble” with Gotham City when Bruce Wayne was still a kid/teenager. I said “time bubble” because the show never specifies when it is set, showing elements of ’90s tech with a society and a fashion from the ’50s.


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A world where Lucifer (the actual one) walks on Earth and tries to solve case out of boredom and desire oh having fun.


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It is actually surprising how iZombie adapts a DC property and airs on the CW, but it never had any interaction whatsoever with the Arrowverse, even though a crossover would be 100% possible.


Risultati immagini per Preacher tv show

The Preacher TV show adapts its own story, so it is safe to assume it won’t share the same continuity as something else.


Supergirl is part of the Arrowverse, but it’s set on a different universe, Earth-38 to be precise.

The Flash

The Flash includes multiple elements and stories in different Earths than its own, so it works like a showcase of different continuities.


Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine and (possibly) Black Lightning all take place in one Earth. It is the most prolific universe, with numerous ongoing shows having aired since 2012, which makes it the first of the ongoing worlds of the multiverse.

Which one is your favourite?

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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