The culture behind a Megazord: what if Power Rangers and Spider-Man Homecoming were switched?

21 Lug

Welcome back to my blog.

Yesterday, I finally got to watch Spider-Man Homecoming, and I couldn’t help but think at how this isn’t the only superhero movie of this year that tries to blend classic teenager movies from the 1980s into an action adventure.

In fact, you could say that Dean Israelite’s Power Rangers beat it to the punch, especially with having numerous homages to The Breakfast Club.

However, I don’t want to compare them, especially because my opinion on them is switched from what the public feels. While Power Rangers is usually bashed, Homecoming is praised, even though I loved the first and was let down by the second.

Therefore, my article is simpler: considering that they have different tones and approaches to the whole “modern teenager as a modern superhero” thing, what if they were switched?

I mean, what if Power Rangers was more lighthearted and dealt with a universe where aliens, monsters and heroes are part of the daily life, while Spider-Man Homecoming was a darker rendition of Peter Parker’s early years as a hero?


Power Rangers isn’t 100% dark or 100% campy. It’s right in the middle, as the comic book movie that needed to exist, something to prove you can drive inspiration from both DC and Marvel movies.

Spider-Man Homecoming is somewhat lighter than the usual MCU movie. It contains more brighter colours, has even more jokes and everything looks happier, especially considering how dark the rendition of New York and the aftermath of The Avengers is depicted in the MCU, especially the Netflix shows.

They don’t have opposite tones, but you wouldn’t see Peter Parker having issues with the law or doing what Kimberly did to her friend. Not even if he does that to Flash Thompson, brrrr!


Being a teenager in this day and age is incredibly difficult, so you can’t expect a 16 year old to be such a good role model to be a good superhero, get excellent grades and have a life outside of that, like the original Power Rangers.

Therefore, the modern ones aren’t exactly good student, having to attend recession every Saturnday just to graduate. We don’t see much of their life outside school and Rangers, but I don’t think they have one.

On the other hand, Peter is almost shown as a Gary Stu for teenagers, as he manages to divide all his lives and fulfill all of his duties. And we’re talking about Spider-Man, the guy who can’t catch a break even if he does things right!

Place in their universes

Power Rangers is a reimagining of Mighty Morphin’, and as such it’s in a separate universe.

Spider-Man Homecoming is the first Spider-Man movie to be linked to a franchise, in this case the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and therefore we have numerous references to The Avengers, with two of them even showing up in some form.

How Power Rangers would have looked like

The only way to have the whole “Peter wants to prove he can be an Avenger” make sense in a Power Rangers reboot is to set it into the main universe. Maybe, one of the original Rangers is some sort of mentor figure to the others (mostly Jason).

I can see Jason (assuming they would go with the original names) talking to Tommy or Billy about wanting to be a hero like they were 20 years earlier, but they have to be better than simple teenagers with attitude trying to do the right thing.

Everything would be brighter and take place in the daylight, with the villain being created as the result of one of the previous battles, even something really big like the Legendary Battle (so that the Armada technology can work like the Chitauri ones).

Jokes would be more appropriate (I’m looking at you, cow joke at the beginning. What the heck was that?!) and we could have more interactions with the surrounding world.

How Homecoming would have looked like

It would have been a darker rendition of Peter’s life. His aunt just lost her husband, so she has to work the hell out of her to raise Peter, who can’t get good grades anymore because of his double life as Spider-Man.

Therefore, he’s sent to recession alongside his friend Ned, all while a new villain shows up, wanting something he has to protect. Now, what that would be? It needs to be something similar to the Zeo Crystals, but in the MCU that would mean an Infinity Stone, too much for a beginner Spider-Man to fight alone.

It would have been made for older fans, and feature more homages to classic ’80s movies, to the point of almost looking like Stranger Things where even them picking an object up is an ’80s reference.

Now, would it have made sense for Spider-Man? Actually, yes. Peter Parker works surprisingly good with darker storylines, and we have a movie in between Civil War and Infinity War, set in the darkest rendition of New York you’ll find in a cinematic/television universe. It would make sense.

And Power Rangers is pure cheesiness, so them being even cheesier would have been good.

Now, I finish the article here.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!


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