The culture behind a Megazord: colours of the second in commands

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Welcome back to my blog.

This article is some sort of “coda” of the one for the second in commands. As I reread it, I realized I didn’t do something: listing how many times a certain colour has been used for that spot.

Therefore, here’s a short article about it.

Only once


I have to admit it’s surprising that Yellow, one of the colours to have always been present (except for Dino Charge), only has one second in command, which is Taylor from Wild Force. This is presumably because the role of the second in command is even rarer to get for a female Ranger, so of course the most used “female” colour would still not have any leadership role.


Hunter was the second in command during Ninja Storm because he’s the leader of the Thunder Rangers. However, his role was demoted when Cam stepped in.


Jason is the only Gold Ranger to have been the second in command. Sure, that could change with Ninja Steel if Levi fills the role, but for now it’s only Jason.


Zhane has been a second in command, but only for a short time.


That moment when Jen is both the only Pink leader and the only Pink second in command (when Alex was the leader of the Time Force Rangers).


RJ served both as a mentor and as a second in command.

Three times


Every time a Red Ranger wasn’t the leader (Rocky, Aurico and Wes), he was the second in command.


Before Cam and Xander, there was the Green Turbo Ranger. Now, I don’t count him twice (for Adam and Carlos) because their powers were the same. Similar to how I don’t count Jason for the brief stint as second in command during Mighty Morphin’.

Five times


If you notice, all three dinosaur-themed teams (Mighty Morphin’, Dino Thunder and Dino Charge) had their Black Rangers as second in commands. Also, there’s Lost Galaxy, with the Magna Defender (which makes sense, as Mike was supposed to be the leader), and even Operation Overdrive.

Eight times


Blue is definitely the most used colour for this role, but with only eight second in commands.

Zeo, In Space, Lost Galaxy (but he was then demoted), Lightspeed Rescue, SPD, RPM, Samurai and Megaforce, even though it’s not completely accurate (that team didn’t have a proper second in command, but Noah’s counterparts were the tactical leader of the Goseigers and the right hand of Gokai Red).

Which one is your favourite colour when it comes to second in commands?

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!


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