The culture behind a Megazord: just a tribute to the Titanium Ranger

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On Power Rangers, the concept of a Sixth Ranger has always been a staple, considering that, up to Lost Galaxy, the only team without one was the Alien Rangers.

Green/White Ranger, Gold Ranger, Phantom Ranger, Silver Ranger, Magna Defender. They all have been part of what made their seasons good (even if you hate Turbo, you have to admit how cool the Phantom Ranger was).

However, it came a problem: for Super Sentai, where, back then, the Sixth Ranger was simply a “new” concept, decided to make a season whose secondary motif was the number 5.

Enter Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo-V, starring five siblings. This is, to date, the final Sentai where the members don’t change from the beginning to the end: the Tatsumi brothers (and sister, with Matsuri) started off as a team and have always been just them.

Of course, for Saban, it was kind of a problem, so, to get new merchandise from a Sixth Ranger on Lightspeed Rescue, they created one of the best characters on Power Rangers: Ryan Mitchell, the Titanium Ranger.

The fact that they got away with not having Sentai footage for him is amazing, and the design is quite unique, but at the same time a homage to Super Sentai, drawing inspration from 1989’s Tokusou Sentai Turboranger. Also, the visor is a roman number V, standing for five (in fact, GoGo-V should be read as “go go five”. It’s a pun because the emergency number in Japan is 555. Yup, there’s a country where dialing 555 actually works, not just in the movies).

This is something unique, as Power Rangers rarely creates its own heroes. The seasons with those exceptions are SPD and Jungle Fury, with the first that simply used the Space Rangers’ helmets over a SWAT-like suit.

Oh, another thing is that Ryan is related to Dana, and they both are the son and the daughter of Captain Mitchell, the team mentor, meaning that he is one of the only two character who actually retained the concept of family. I guess that they decided to make the siblings a pair because, well, how many families with five sons/daughters do you know?

Ryan Mitchell deserves his own personal space as part of the history of Power Rangers, because he’s the first American exclusive.

The article ends here. See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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