The culture behind a Megazord: the Power Rangers second in commands

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If a group has a leader, stay assured he or she will have a second in command, someone who can be their main right wing or even replace him (temporarely or permanently) if something happens.

Obviously, Power Rangers does have second in commands, sometimes a different one than the Sentai counterpart and even with some replacements.

I will now show you a division of them in two: second in commands who match their Sentai counterpart and then those who don’t. Just so I won’t have to keep saying “like the Sentai” or “because that’s what his counterpart does”.

Matching the Sentai



All of them have been the second in command because that’s the role of their Sentai counterpart. Zack filled this role in the first season and at the beginning of the second, just before Tommy became the White Ranger. His Dairanger counterpart was the second in command too.

Taylor is the only female second in command (with one brief stint by Jen), and Hunter was then demoted when the Green Samurai showed up.

On Megaforce, it’s not so much clear who serves as the second in command, but Noah is the counterpart of both Gosei Blue (tactical leader of his team) and Gokai Blue (second in command), so he’s the closest. Ninja Steel doesn’t seem to have a team hierarchy rather than “Brody is the leader”, so we don’t know if Preston will fill the same role of Yakumo.

Not matching the Sentai


After Zack, I find it funny that Jason and Rocky alternated as the second in command. For the handful of episodes between Tommy becoming the White Ranger and the new replacement for Red, Black and Yellow, Jason was the second in command, so he passed the role to Rocky, who kept it throughout both Mighty Morphin’ and Zeo, until, well, Jason came back.

With Turbo, we have something funny. The counterpart of Zeo Green was the second in command, and the one of Black Space Ranger led the Megarangers, but Adam and Carlos served as pseudo-leadership roles here, not in those series.

With In Space, it makes sense that TJ, the previous team leader, was Andros’ second, even though Zhane was it for a while.


Jen was the second in command when Alex was in the team, but usually that role is filled by Wes. I wonder why, considering he’s the least experienced.


Shurikenger and Abare Black were team mentors, so it makes sense for Cam and Tommy to be second in commands, with “Doctor O.” still having the role of his Sentai counterpart. RJ was a mentor/second in command too.

Therefore, as you can see, there have been more instances where the second in command was different than the Sentai, at 15.

Also, notice how a White Ranger never filled that role, unless something happens on Ninja Steel and Hayley becomes one.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!

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