The culture behind a Megazord: the first female Green Ranger?

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If you exclude Jungle Fury’s Camille, which is the closest to a female Green Ranger, no heroine ever wore that colour.

Green is, with Black and Gold, one of the colours to have never been worn by a female Ranger, with the closest being a “tease” on Super Megaforce thanks to Emma using Green Flash’s key.

However, it seems like we’re about to see the first female Green Ranger, and we have three possibilities.

Midoninja is adapted on Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

Fans all over the World hated that Deathryuger did not made into Power Rangers Dino (Super)charge, even though it could make sense (he’s a movie exclusive Ranger who only had a small cameo in the series), so they want to “compensate” it by wondering if the female Midoninja, who is also a one-off Ranger, will be adapted on Super Ninja Steel.

Now, I don’t see it being the case, because the “Return” movies have only been adapted on Super Samurai. Of course, it would be amazing, but the only time they adapted a Ranger despite not using footage was with SPD Nova Ranger.

The sequel to the 2017 movie has a female Tommy Oliver

Some people would like to see the Green Ranger being female on the sequel of the Power Rangers movie. Many of them see it as absurd, if only because the name Tommy Oliver is mentioned, but it would not be that much of a stretch to have a girl going by Tommy (maybe calling her Tamsin, which is the female equivalent to Thomas?).

If that happens, then it could be a first for Power Rangers. Even though Rita being shown as the original Green Ranger would have already given us a female one.

Kyuuranger gets adapted

Sure, if Power Rangers adapts Kyuuranger and manages to adapt Hammy out, kudos on them, considering it would be impossible and too difficult.

Therefore, I think that, if the next adpatation will be Kyuuranger, we will see Hammy’s counterpart. Bless you, Hammy-chan!

Now, when do you think we could see a female Green Ranger? And what about Black and Gold?

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!


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