The core of the Arrowverse

30 Giu

Picture taken from TV Tropes

Welcome back to my blog.

Over the course of half a decade, the Arrowverse expanded so much, covering multiple networks (mostly The CW, but also NBC and CBS. And presumably Fox) and multiple media (live-action shows, tie-in comic books, webseries and cartoons).

But which installments form the “core” of this franchise? I mean, look at this picture: we have 4 live-action shows, three animated ones (with Constantine being the animated sequel of another series) and a past one.

Now, it depends on what criteria you’d use to define the concept of the core.

I don’t think that the animated shows can be part of the core, if only because two of them are upcoming and the only one that aired is structured as its own standalone show with appearances of other heroes. Plus, Vixen herself has not left a huge impact on this universe yet, especially considering that her grandmother is at least a regular on Legends of Tomorrow.

Now, I’ll just use various combinations, to the point that you’ll say “dude, I think it’s enough …”. This is my problem when I write articles: I just can’t stop!

Without further to do, let’s begin!

Arrow & The Flash

Arrow has to be part of each combination because it’s the serie that started it all. Also, it should be noted that, in the early years, there were only Arrow and The Flash, with the latter having an introduction of its world over the course of a few episodes.

Back in 2014, Arrow and The Flash were the sole series of the Arrowverse.

Arrow, The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow

Arrow and its direct spin-offs. It makes sense, because that’s the main live-action continuity of the Arrowverse. Despite that, there hasn’t been a crossover with just those three series alone.

Arrow, The Flash & Constantine

In 2014, it was the debut of The Flash that turned Arrow into a franchise, and when it was revealed that Constantine was effectively part of it, I think it retroactively put it into a role of showing the expansion of the DC television universe. Of course, I don’t see why someone would put Constantine in it, but at least you’d have something that could tell you “here’s when the Arrowverse included scientific and mystical elements”.

Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow & Supergirl

The four big series produced by Greg Berlanti, and the ones that currently form the big Arrowverse block on TV. Supergirl is needed here because then you’d have both a series dealing with alternate times and one set on an alternate world.

Arrow, Constantine & Supergirl (or 1990’s The Flash)

Those three series are the first ones to debut on their channels. Arrow on The CW, Constantine on NBC and Supergirl on CBS.

Of course, The Flash showed that the classic 1990 series is included in another universe of the franchise, so that means that John Wesley Shipp’s show would be the original CBS installment.

If and when Gotham becomes part of the Arrowverse, we will have another one on this group.

Arrow alone

Everything started because of Arrow and its success, so it would make sense to have it as the sole core, especially for the first two years, where no other show was airing.

Which seasons do you include in the core of the Arrowverse? Let me tell you in the comments.

Thank you if you eventually read my posts in English about the Arrowverse this month. Now, I have to end June 2017, so see you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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