Is the Arrowverse’s Multiverse the creative sandbox the DCEU wishes to be?

26 Giu

Welcome back to my blog.

The DC Extended Universe has tried to use specific policies when it comes to their movies, but they ultimately fail.

The biggest one is the “sandbox”, which, on paper, means that DC directors can do whatever they want with their movies.

However, creative divergences, highlighted by how The Flash’s movie is ready but still can’t manage to find a director, or how The Batman doesn’t seem to find peace, showed us this isn’t the case.

On the other hand, there’s the TV counterpart of the DCEU, the Arrowverse, which has an interesting take on the “sandbox”: the Multiverse.

Berlanti and company created a franchise that can be connected and intertwined even without sharing the same timeline or continuity.

This can lead the authors to do whatever they want to do, because there’s nothing hold them back.

I mean, Supergirl and Gotham are free to use characters that could not appear on Arrow, or even use different versions for them and show how they’d have handled them.

Legends of Tomorrow isn’t linked to a specific time, and thus it can show alternate realities every now and then.

The Flash constantly shows us different Earths.

The only show that doesn’t deal with the premise of “you can do whatever you want” is Arrow, but probably because you do need a pivot foot. Yay, basketball references!

As such, the TV franchise is doing a better job at looking like the DCEU wishes to become, but can’t. Of course, there’s no such thing as a Multiverse in the movies (apparently, Shazam was considered to take place elsewhere, but then Dwayne Johnson confirmed it to be on the same Earth as the others), so it’s not like the Aquaman movie can have an alternate dimension, or The Flash can show us a world where Batman is closer to what we think of the Batman.

Sorry for the weird article, but it was just a test.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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