If the DC Cinematic Universe started with The Dark Knight trilogy and included Green Lantern and Man of Steel

25 Giu

Welcome back to my blog.

Back in 2010, early talks about a DC counterpart to the Marvel Cinematic Universe started to rise after it was clear where the House of Ideas was headed.

Now, we know how it turned out: DC created the “Extended Universe” which paved the way to the upcoming Justice League movie, following the same strategy as Marvel’s Phase 1 but a bit different. The Trinity got each one a movie (Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman and Wonder Woman) which set tone and characters, but in the meantime there was also Suicide Squad. And we want to forget it exists, right?

Anyway, the approach they took is a nice idea, but what if someone decided to use what they had and smashed everything into a single franchise?

Let’s include the following franchises for the list:

  • The Dark Knight trilogy (Rises was in pre-production)
  • Green Lantern (the movie was in pre-production)
  • Man of Steel (early talks for a Superman reboot happened in 2009)
  • Constantine (to have some more star power with Keanu Reeves)

The tones

Of course, it would have been a huge mess when it comes to tones. Green Lantern would have looked like a goofball in a room full of broody adults, and it’s not that easy to put a realistic universe (Batman), a “modern and believable” take on Superman and a movie full of magic and supernatural.

Conditioning pre-productions

Christopher Nolan may have had full creative freedom for his movies. In fact, I think the only link would have been Christian Bale’s Batman showing up to other films, truly looking like “a normal human in a world of gods”.

Green Lantern may have been in the middle of shooting, so they had to apply some changes, make references to it being part of a larger DC universe and even mention Superman (or just the planet Krypton).

As for Man of Steel, it would have been totally different. Being in a “realistic” universe but where humanity already faced aliens (unless they set Green Lantern after MOS, maybe with Ryan Reynolds cameoing as Hal Jordan before getting his powers), it meant that it had to find balance between those movies.


You’d need to accomodate Constantine somewhere, maybe setting it before Batman Begins. Speaking of which, the timeline needed to be fixed, and I think we would not have seen Batman retiring for 8 years in rising, unless it was needed to explain where was he during GL and MOS.


Then, a Batman v. Superman but with Christian Bale would have happened. Green Lantern and John Constantine may have had cameos, and Wonder Woman could have been introduced. I can see Constantine having a role similar to Barry Allen in the actual BvS, with him appearing to Bruce Wayne to show him what he needed to do.

It would have been a mess, but at least the kickstart would have been Batman Begins and have a slow-burned introduction of at least three characters. Wonder Woman could have been next, and then The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg may have been included in other films for cameos.

What do you think would have happened?

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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