MCU Aunt May is around 50. So what?

22 Giu

Welcome back to my blog.

Ever since Marisa Tomei was cast as aunt May, people freaked out. I mean, a character that usually looks like this

Risultati immagini per aunt mayPlayed by her?

One of the main complaint, however, isn’t that finding aunt May attractive is somewhat awkward, but that she is too young.

However, people tend to forget that Marisa Tomei is in her early 50s, 52 to be precise. Tom Holland is 21 and plays a teenage Peter Parker.

That means that the age gap between aunt May and Peter Parker is of around 30 years.

Do you think 30 years isn’t enough for the difference between an aunt and a nephew? I am 24 an my oldest aunt is 55, but there can even be cases where the youngest aunt was nearly 30.

Of course, May Parker is depicted as an old lady because she is a parental figure, more of a grandmother than an aunt, so they make her look like that.

However, for her to look 65-70 when Peter is a teenager it would mean stuff like that she was 45-50 when he was born. Sure, it could be possible, but it would mean that Richard and Mary Parker where almost middle aged when they became parents.

Considering this isn’t the case (they never depict them as in their 40s), then why would May Parker look so much older?

Therefore, the MCU decided to have an actress old enough to be Peter’s middle aged aunt, but who also looks like a middle aged aunt.

I’m sorry for how this article turned out, but I wonder what is your opinion about it.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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