Just a weird “Power Rangers Hero Getter” I wrote now with no thoughts

18 Giu

What if Super Sentai Hero Getter has a Power Rangers version?

Well, this is how I’d include the 24 seasons.

Sorry for the bad quality of all this, but I don’t expect it to be something anyone would care about.

Begin, Mighty Morphin’ time

We call in the power of Thunder

Alien Rangers from Aquitar

Zeo crystals for ultra power

Time to shift into Turbo

In Space the final hope arrives

Travel throught a Lost Galaxy

Lightspeed Rescue Ranger ready

From the future here’s Time Force

Force of nature here’s Wild Force

Ninja Storm, Ranger form

Dino Thunder, power up!

SPD Emergency

Believe in magic, Mystic Force

Into Operation Overdrive

Jungle Fury, spirit unleashed

RPM let’s get in gear

Samurai Rangers togheter

Super Samurai forever

Megaforce never surrender

Super Megaforce, legend mode

Dino Charge it’s all getting wild

Dino Supercharge ten united

Ninja Steel fear no danger


So, here’s the article, and see you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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