The culture behind a Megazord: pink accents on White Rangers

17 Giu

Welcome back to my blog.

So, this was actually supposed to be the 300th The culture behind a Megazord since I started writing it, but some issues occurred with the previous one so I removed it, and now this one can simply be a regular entry.

Therefore, I needed a topic to talk about, and I was thinking about how often we’ve seen female White Rangers having pink accents on Super Sentai.

Sun Vulcan

White Rose Mask can be considered a precursor, because she wore a “white and pink” costume. She’s also the closest to a female Ranger from that series.



Back when it aired, Changeman was seen as the first Sentai with a White Ranger. However, considering that the others had white portions on their suits, she had to use pink outlines, despite being in a team with a Pink Ranger.



Among the female White Rangers here, White Swan is definitely the “pinkest”. I mean, we’ve had seasons where the main colour was less present than the pink on her suit.



On Gaoranger, it worked to have a White Ranger with pink accents to have both colours feel represented (the only main one left out was Green). On Wild Force, it made sense because Alyssa was the second female White Ranger, but the first to have a regular series rather than a miniseries.



Fuuka having pink accents makes sense because she’s the “solitary petal in the wind”. I don’t think there’s a more Japanese flower than the cherry blossom, but Kasumi is already a Pink Ranger. On Ninja Steel, this could be seen as a follow-up to Alyssa.



Amu’s “pink accents” are only on the eyebrows, so I wasn’t even sure if I had to include her. Still, she somehow carried on a Sentai tradition.

Okay, the article ends here. Hoping something doesn’t happen this time, we can say that the next one will be the 300th, so see you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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