When you want to create your own shared universe, but you’re writing your first story

13 Giu

Welcome back to my blog.

I’m a kind of writer who loves to interconnect his stories, to the point that I always imagine numerous ways to have my characters meet each other.

There is, however, one problem and it is that, even though I love to create stories, I never manage to complete them, which means that the one I’m working on could definitely be the first story I’ll complete.

Then, another problem arrived: if I have ideas for other stories which interconnect themselves, how should I handle completing the first one?

Those are five tips I use for myself but that I felt like sharing with you.

A sleeping wolf does not catch sheep

In which the sleeping wolves are the other stories. Sure, I had some of them in mind years prior to this one, but why would they influence my story if they’re still little ideas while this one is almost completed?

Therefore, if I set something in the first story, the subsequent ones will have to accomodate.

For instance, you have the main character of another idea popping up as a secondary character but important to the plot? Then he has to stay there and whatever you say about him has to be set in stone. He is 30 years old but your idea sees him in high school? Then it is set around 15 years prior and serves as a prequel.

Think as those stories don’t exist

This is your first story, so it shouldn’t have to fit itself into a timeline. That will be a work for the others, but for now relax and set everything.

Crossover eyecandy

If you want to establish characters from other stories just for crossover sake, then you’ve picked the wrong way because your readers would probably not remember or care about “when he showed up for a scene and foreshadowed an event”. You can do it with a later story, but not on your own!

You still have time to change ideas

Until the moment you will publish your story, you can change everything, which means that, if you had an idea in mind but changed it, don’t worry and do it.

You wanted a character to be in another story, so he needs to survive in this one? Good, but then you have in mind an epic death scene, and you don’t want to waste a perfectly good idea. Okay, go ahead and replace him on the other story.

No one limits you

You can trace your own creative boundaries, so don’t worry.

The article ends here.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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