Green Lantern and Dracula Untold: two failed attempts at linking (bad) movies to a franchise

12 Giu

Welcome back to my blog.

So, a few weeks ago, Universal unveiled the main cast of their Dark Universe, a modern rendition of their classic monster movies from the ’30s and ’40s.

The cast is full of star power, with Tom Cruis, Javier Bardem, Johnny Depp and Russell Crowe among the others. Can you imagine if the four of them starred in the same franchise 20 years ago? It would have been epic!

However, one should also mention how Cruise’s The Mummy is actually the second attempt at kickstarting the franchise, with 2014’s Dracula Untold as the first one.

Now, the fact is that Universal started planning their monster franchise around the time Untold was in production, which means it was not conceived as part of a larger franchise. Therefore, there have been some reshoots so that they could actually fit.

Three years later, the flop of Untold means that the movie won’t be part of the franchise, unless there’s the chance of seeing Luke Evans as Dracula again.

A movie that tried to be linked to a franchise when it was already in the middle of its production, but became a box office failure, thus forcing the studios to rely on a movie that was planned on enlarging its universe from scratch.

Where did I already saw it?

Right, with Green Lantern!

A Superman reboot has been in developement as early as 2009, and ever since it started its pre-production it was clear that Man of Steel was going to be for DC what Iron Man is for Marvel and X-Men is for Fox.

In the meantime, Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy was going to come to an end, and a Green Lantern movie was going to be produced.

There may have been some talks about uniting those franchises, but Green Lantern was even considered as being the first step of the DCEU, beating Superman to the punch.

However, its poor box office and critics reception led to the film being “forgotten”, with Ryan Reynolds playing now Deadpool and the character of Green Lantern even removed from the DCEU until at least 2020!

Of course, one big problem is that both movies were supposed to be their own thing, so they could not have sustained a larger franchise simply because they didn’t pave the way for something.

Sure, Dracula Untold may have made sense, but Green Lantern needed to seed something. If it was a franchise where the rest of the Justice League existed, then where were they? Shouldn’t Superman, an alien form on Earth, be a warning for the Corps?

At least, The Mummy and Man of Steel do have something that makes them more suitable candidates at being the kickstart of the franchise, and in fact they will be.

Sorry for the bad article.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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