Back when there was a way to include classic DC films into one universe

12 Giu

Welcome back to my blog.

In 2011, I read this article about a simple, elegant way to create a DC Cinematic Universe.

It was made one year before The Avengers, but early talks to a DCCU already began before it actually became the DC Extended Universe.

I loved Julian Darius’ idea, so I wanted to share it with you.

In short (if you have no time to read the article, but I’d recommend it to you so give it a chance), there was no need to create a movie franchise from scratch when, with a few adjustments, both Donner’s Superman and Burton’s Batman could have shared a franchise with Keanu Reeves’ Constantine and Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern.

After all, if Superman Returns is included, there wouldn’t be the whole issue of “wait, you mean 1978’s Superman and 2011’s Green Lantern could coexits and cooperate?”, because Returns was set around the time of its release despite being an actual sequel to 1980’s Superman II.

Plus, with Batman Forever mentioning Metropolis and Superman Returns mentioning Gotham City, at least the two historic franchise already had a reference to eachother.

This is what he had in mind.

DC cinematic universe chart (one possible configuration)


If you notice, he even suggests what to do to fill some gaps.

Superman wasn’t in Supergirl, and he didn’t reference his cousin in Superman IV? Okay, just make an animated film where the two meet and justify what was Kara doing.

You want a Batman closer to Burton’s than to Schumacher’s? Make a short film where Robin and Batgirl depart (or I suppose they could become Nightwing and Oracle and form a team on their own) so that Batman would now be alone. And even if you recast him, he already was in the movies themselves.

Also, with the four Batman movies being released between Superman IV and Superman Returns, just make a short where Clark leaves (thus justifying his “return”) and Batman debuts.

After that, he suggests Constantine to be included the franchise as it’s the least bad among the other alternatives such as the Swamp Thing, Steel or Catwoman (even though Halle Berry’s is supposed to be the successor of Michelle Pfeiffer’s).

With Green Lantern debuting, you’d have franchises spawning more than 30 years but combined to form a single, elegand DC Cinematic Universe.

It would have been amazing, to reveal that everything actually links back to the 1978 Superman films.

However, six years later, this is not possible anymore, although there could be a universe where they coexist.

The article ends here, and I hope you’ve read the original. See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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