Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel: being more Gokaiger-ish than Super Megaforce?

10 Giu

Welcome back to my blog.

Next year, we will have the 25th season of Power Rangers. It will be a huge anniversary, because not every show gets to celebrate it while still on air. Especially a show aimed for kids: those who were 10 when MMPR premiered are now likely to have 10 year olds watching Ninja Steel on TV.

The anniversary season will be Super Ninja Steel, and will definitely have many celebrations. However, I was wondering if it will be better at looking like a Gokaiger adaptation than the actual one, Super Megaforce.

Now, Gokaiger was a show whose motif was “Super Sentai”, so every inch and every frame celebrated the franchise. Tribute episodes were common, there were tons of easter eggs and references etc.

However, the adaptation did it so poorly it is now considered one of the worst seasons ever.

What could Super Ninja Steel do to be better at “Gokaigering”?

References to past seasons

Super Ninja Steel is lucky that it is a NinNinger adaptation. That Sentai had so many references to previous Sentai it was basically an anniversary season. Of course, Judd Lynn barely uses Sentai footage, but they could include the references if they want to.

Maybe one of the Rangers has a Kira Ford album, or Sarah learned about tech stuff by reading a book written by Ethan from Dino Thunder.

You could even put them in the galactic game show, with aliens from Aquitar and Triforia. That way, you can both look like NinNinger and be an anniversary season.

Tribute episodes

NinNinger didn’t have proper tribute episodes, but there have been a few instances where a past hero showed up and gave them something similar to Gokaiger’s Legendary Powers.

Apparently, veteran Rangers will appear on Super Ninja Steel, so we can have one of those. There are even some NinNinger episode who could match past seasons for a tribute.

The NinNinger episode where Takaharu and Fuuka are sent to the past and have to save their kid selves? Just have a Time Force tribute with Wes helping Brody and Hayley.

The episode where we find out Yakumo’s magic master is Magi Yellow? Turn it into a full fledged Mystic Force tribute by having the Rangers in Briarwood.

“Legendary Ranger modes”?

Of course, how could you even adapt the “Changes” if NinNinger didn’t have them? Well, you have the Legendary Power Stars from the toyline.

During a special episode, the Rangers have to rely on legendary powers, so, for instance, they use the Wild Force Power Star and slash the villain with the Jungle Sword, or maybe even Super Megaforce and have them use the Super Mega Cannon.

Anniversary battle

NinNinger already has one of those, the all ninja team-up, so it could be the 25th anniversary event.

Of course, you could even shoot an original one, just to say “take that” to the Legendary Battle.

I think Super Ninja Steel could become the Gokaiger adaptation we fans wanted. And it would come from NinNinger, one of the most hated Sentai ever. That’s the power of Chip Lynn.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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