“This is fake”

3 Giu

Welcome back to my blog.

So many of us have the abit of not looking or read with attention something, only to end up with stuff like “asking where a specific label of cookies is at the store, only to have it in front of you” or “asking for an information about the video when he says it at the very end”.

However, one of the things I never understood is when someone like Alex Luthor, Adeel of Steel and company posts a fan-made video. They write FAN MADE in caps lock next to the title, they mention it at the beginning of the video, they say it in the description and one of their comments under it is “I remind you that I made this for fun”.

And yet, their comment sections are always full of “this is fake”.


I mean, who the hell watches a video where the word FAKE is put everywhere and gets mad when it actually turns out to be fake?

Of course there isn’t an official trailer for Star Wars Episode IX, considering that the VIII didn’t even come out yet.

Of course there is no Green Arrow movie, as DC never even mentioned that possibility.

And, since we’re at it, of course the “trailer” contains clips from other movies, because how the hell would they create original ones? Well, kudos for them when they actually attempt this.

Sorry for the rant I’m having here, but imagine this scenario:

You go to a bar that only serves their drinks cold. You order a tea, and they keep telling you that they have cold one, with even the cup saying “Ice Tea”. Heck, you could even see the ice cubes floating. Then, you sip it … and get mad when it’s cold.

Let’s just say you would not look like a smart person. Trust me, I’m like you.

Okay, the article ends here. See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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