The culture behind a Megazord: what’s behind the Jet Icarus

3 Giu

Welcome back to my blog.

I wanted to bring back the “What’s behind” aspect of The culture behind a Megazord, and I asked on a group which one should be the first.

Surprisingly, they asked me for a Jetman article. Now, you may already know that Jetman is the 15th and last Sentai to not be adapted (well, except for Go-Busters and ToQger).

It has a bird motif, which even inspired Angry Birds. Therefore, their “mecha”, Jet Icarus, is the combination of five Jet “Zords”.

Following the Jetman roll call, we have: Red Hawk, Black Condor, Yellow Owl, White Swan and Blue Swallow. Well, let’s start with them.

Jet Hawk

I’m kinda surprised that Jetman doesn’t feature an eagle Ranger (except for Green Eagle in the manga), probably so that there has already been a red eagle on Sun Vulcan (and would only appear again 25 years later on Zyuohger).

However, it makes sense to have Red Hawk as the leader. Ever heard of the red-tailed hawk?

Red-tailed Hawk.jpg

Member of the bird of prey family of the Acciditridae, the red-tailed hawk has a scientific name of Buteo Jamaicensis, and it can be found throughout all North America.

Jet Condor

It isn’t specified which condor is used here, but one could assume it’s the California condor, which, back then, was considered as extinct in the wild. Thankfully, researches and studies are successfully bringint it back.

Gymnogyps californianus -San Diego Zoo-8a.jpg

Jet Owl

I love how, usually, Super Sentai tries to amalgamate the shapes of the heroes, so that Doggie Kruger from Dekaranger, Torin from Kyoryuger and Shou Ronbo from Kyuuranger are always a mystery when it comes to how the hell do they fit in the suits … and yet Jetman’s Yellow Owl stays fat when transformed. Heck, another fat Ranger, Kyoryu Cyan, becomes slin when transformed.

Bubo bubo winter 1.jpg

However, if we need a yellow-ish big owl, I’d go with the Eurasian eagle-owl, which can be found in almost every region of Europe and Asia except for northern France, the British Isles, Anatolia and the northernmost parts of Siberia.

Jet Swan

I did not mention earlier how the designs of the jets clearly resemble their birds. For instance, White Swan’s is definitely a swan flying right above the water.

Jet Swallow

What in English is simply called “swallow” has an actual name of barn swallow, and it fits Jetman because they’re pretty blue.


I’m so sorry for how this turned out, but I really, really wanted to bring back the concept that started off this series, talking about the actual culture of an actual Megazord.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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