Imagine this awesome 25 Red Rangers roll call for Super Ninja Steel

2 Giu

Welcome back to my blog.

One of the best parts of Gaoranger VS Super Sentai, which celebrated the franchise’s 15th anniversary, is the Red Ranger roll call, where the veteran heroes are gathered together and we have a roll call with archive footage from each season, aside from Liveman (because Red Falcon’s actor reprised his role in the movie) and Turboranger (they only roll called untransformed, so they had to shoot a roll call pose).

Who would have thought that we could have seen Power Rangers reaching the 25th anniversary with a season?

Therefore, imagine to gather those 24 legendary Red Rangers together for a massive roll call.




Red Ranger power!


Red Alien Ranger, kyah!


Zeo Ranger V, Red!


Red Turbo Ranger!


Red Space Ranger!


Galaxy Red!


Red Ranger, rescue ready!


Time Force Red!


Quantum Ranger!


Blazing Lion!


Power of Air!


Tyranno power, Red Ranger!


One, SPD Red Ranger!


Fearsome as fire, Red Mystic Ranger!


Burning heart of fire, Wolf Warrior, defender of truth!


Kick into Overdrive, Red Ranger!


With the strenght of a tiger, Jungle Fury Red Ranger!


Ranger Red!


Red Ranger, ready!


Samurai Ranger, ready!


Fury of the dragon, Megaforce Red!


Super Megaforce Red!


Tyrannosaurus Rex, Power Ranger Red!


Power of the ninja, Ninja Steel Red!

Now, you may be wondering a few questions.

With Rocky, I wanted to include him because he’s been a Red Ranger for the latter part of season two and the entirety of season three, so he’s been one for far longer than the majority of the other Red Rangers.

For Alien Rangers, this is what Aurico says during Forever Red, as I don’t recall them having a roll call except for when they morph.

As for Turbo, I know that a proper roll call would be “Red Lightning Turbo Power”, but that was Tommy’s roll call, and I did not want to exclude TJ.

“Blazing Lion!” and “Power of air!” is what Cole and Shane usually say, even in team-ups, while Conner would be just “Tyranno Power”, but I added “Red Ranger”.

I chose Leanbow as the other extra Red Ranger because he’s Red. I know his place would belong to Hunter, but he’s Crimson, so it would have felt strange and ruined the line of Red.

RPM doesn’t have a roll call, but Scott does introduce himself as Ranger Red in Clash of the Red Rangers. Meanwhile, Lauren never roll called, so I gave her the alternate Samurai roll call.

For Troy, well, I don’t think they should avoid showing both Megaforce and Super Megaforce. If Kamen Rider can make Black and Black RX fight together without asking, why would Power Rangers find it awkward?

I love how this would begin with a T-Rex and end with a T-Rex!

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!


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