The culture behind a Megazord: seasons that don’t give away the motif in the title

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Welcome back to my blog.

Back in 2012, when it was announced that the 20th season would have been called “Power Rangers Megaforce”, fans were wondering one question: is it going to be a Goseiger adaptation or a Gokaiger one?

In the end, the answer was “yes”, as it was a hybrid of both.

However, this is because Megaforce is one of the few seasons that didn’t give away the motif of the season in the title.

The subsequent two, Dino Charge and Ninja Steel, already revealed they were going to adapt Kyouryuuger and NinNinger.

How many seasons didn’t reveal the motif?


In the original season, where does it mention dinosaurs, or even martial arts or the other motifs Mighty Morphin’ had? It was even a nice title, because imagine if it was linked to Zyuranger after the end of season one. The Italian opening actually mentions the “Dinozords”, which became obsolete starting off with season one.

Alien Rangers

The only thing it gave away was that it featured Rangers from another planet. But where does it mention that they’re space ninjas from a water planet?


If someone doesn’t know about the Zeo Crystals, looking at the title would not give the motif of Zeo away. Kinda similar to the Sentai: Chouriki means “superpowered”, so a Sentai fan would say “yeah, because a Sentai team isn’t sperpowered, right?”

In Space

Okay, this gave away the genre (Space Opera), but the only thing you know about the title is that the Power Rangers are in space. Period.


If you don’t look at the logo, with the police sirens, and only read SPD, you wouldn’t realize it’s space police unless you know it stands for Space Patrol Delta.


Same with SPD, even though “Race Performing Machines” isn’t even close to describe the Mad Max-like season.


The first season is beast-themed, and the second has a pirate motif. But you have to look at the Rangers’ suits to find that out.

Sure, beautiful seasons gave away the motif (Time Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder and so on), but I like when the motif is kind of a mystery.

I hope that the next season will have a title that’ll leave us wondering “is this a ZyuOhger or a Kyuuranger adaptation?”.

Until that, see you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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