Kyuuranger episode 12

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Welcome back to my blog. I finally watched the 12th episode of Kyuuranger, and it was amazing. I’ll simply write down the 10 reasons why I liked it, because I just want to comment it quickly. Of course, don’t go below this lovely picture of Hammy if you haven’t watched it yet.

Risultati immagini per kyuranger Hammy

Bless you, Hammy chan!

  • Lucky’s backstory: I’m glad they didn’t go with “my planet exploded”, or it would have just become a Superman or Goku rip-off. However, I like that he, who calls himself the “luckiest man in the universe”, has actually an unlucky past;
  • Garu: in the first episode, Lucky brought him into the fight, and he returned the favour in the tradition of “Red Ranger VS Blue Ranger”. And those fists were amazing;
  • Ikagen’s eyes: even though I wonder why the hell did the commander say out loud “we can fight his 10 eyes if we’re 11”, his revelation that he has actually more than 10 eyes was great;
  • Ikagen growing: I love it when Sentai who don’t use the “make my monster grow” trope have that handful of villains who are so powerful that they have to grow giant. I mean, I love when the “traditional” way is treated as the special one;
  • Naga in the Mecha battle: I love characters who aren’t stuck into a “what are we going to do now?!” for a moment. Here, Naga hears Washi Pink saying “we need to stop the acid rain” and he immediately points out that “the three of us can do it” and straight up blast the rain off;
  • Madako: when Madako was defeated, Ikagen took what remained of her and waited as she regenerated. The opposite didn’t happen, and we’ve seen that she basically had no feelings about him. Oh, he got defeated? Okay, let’s get to the next villain;
  • Scorpio: whoa, he’s Barizorg 2.0, which is awesome;
  • The roll call: seeing 11 Rangers together is something that never happened on a single team (and, when it happens, it is usually for big events like movies or anniversary stuff). And Kyuuranger will keep growing;
  • The Mecha combination: okay, it was expected that their Mechs can combine. I just hope we’ll have a Carrier, or it would look like a mess;

However, my favourite part of this episode was definitely the “we need Lucky to defeat him as 11”. Now, they could have simply used the cheesy but classic way of having 10 Rangers fighting him, Ikagen saying “the 10 of you can never defeat me”, only for Lucky to arrive saying “wrong: we’re 11. Yosha Lucky!” and hits him.

Instead, the monster reveals that he has more than 10 eyes, so, when Lucky shows up, he uses the Gemini Kyuutama to duplicate himself multiple times (paradoxes always win!). Plus, he says “we’re not 11: we’re here on behalf of the rest of the universe, and we’ll free it!”.

I loved this episode, and it’s definitely the best out of the series. I’m sorry I haven’t watched it yet, but in the final weekend of April there was Napoli Comicon, one of the biggest comic book conventions in Italy (more accurately, the second, with 128.000 people!), and I spent those days enjoying it.

Now, I don’t know when I’ll watch Ex-Aid, and I hope I’ll write a “Super Hero Time” article for their next episodes, which already aired.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!


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