The culture behind a Megazord: that one time I “Sixth Rangered” on a soccer website

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Welcome back to my blog.

I know it’s a cheesy cliché, but I love when Sixth Rangers (the ones introduced as good from the get-go) join a battle and make everyone go “who’s that? Wow!” and stuff like that.

For some reasons, there’s one time when I used to write for a soccer website which I consider my “Sixth Rangering” when it comes to blogging.

In 2012, before I started writing for my blog, I wrote for a local journal, but a friend of my brother, who administrated the website “Serie A News”, asked me to join it, as they were only 5. Therefore, I joined, but started writing before introducing myself.

In fact, I remember everyone thinking “who is this guy?” before I got to meet them.

Now, it’s been 5 years since I stopped writing there, and the “separation” wasn’t actually in good terms, although I’m still friends with the admin and one of those who wrote for it (the biggest comic book expert I’ve ever known), but I still remember that moment with a smile. I mean, I still mention that site in the homepage of my blog: it is called Serie A News.

Sure, saying “soccer” as a European is strange for me, especially since the team from my city, Napoli, was rebranded “Napoli Soccer” when it was at its lowest point, so I think you may actually “trigger” a Napoli supporter if you say that word. However, usually my foreign readers are Americans, so I decided not to write “football”.

Risultati immagini per Napoli Soccer

I just wanted to share this memory with you because it’s been half a decade since then.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!


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