Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel: how I’d put the possible returning veterans in the episodes

30 Apr

Welcome back to my blog.

If it is true that some veteran Rangers will return for Super Ninja Steel, then how could they be put in the episodes? After all, only a handful of them have a NinNinger equivalent that shows how it could work, so how could you do this?

Here’s how I’d make the Ninja Steel Rangers interact with the veterans.



Just extend his NinNinger cameo. Maybe, Yoshi Sudarso could put the same clothes, and you just see someone looking like Koda getting saved by Preston. It is left ambiguous if he was actually Koda, so that it won’t screw the continuity up.



Super Hero Taisen Z showed Yellow Buster still with her Buddy Roid. Maybe, Gia could have a similar scene. The Rangers (mostly Sarah) notice a strange robot, and it is revealed to be Megaforce’s Tensou. Then, a blonde girl comes to pick them up, all of a sudden revealing that she knows who they are, and wishing them good luck on their quest to save the World. That, or she could tell them about the legacy of Power Rangers, just like Gokai Red does in ZyuOhger. After all, she did take part in the Legendary Battle.



Just straight up adapt the NinNinger equivalent. Preston is visited by a little girl who comes from the insitute where he was taught magic. He tries to convince her that he’s part of a “Mystic” team, but then the truth comes out, only for Preston’s master, Chip Thorn, to show up during the battle.



Now, NinNinger does have a one-off dinosaur themed Otomo-nin, but it came from a movie. Maybe, Trent could be involved in its creation, with stuff like “the Energems infuse power to the Zord”.

Shane & Tori


Shane can appear in the all ninja team-up, but, in the end, his best friend Tori appears, and mocks him being introduced as “the greatest ninja on Earth”.



I’d love to see an emotional episode dedicated to the memory of the actor who played Mr. Collins, as he passed away in 2006. During a fight, the Silver Guardians come to take care of a monster. Brody speaks to Wes, mentioning how he misses his father, and Time Force Red talks about how he wishes to bring back his. Sure, with the tone of Ninja Steel, it may clash, but it would be so touching.

Kat, Adam and Rocky


Adapt the Gokaiger tribute of OhRanger. The veteran team has to give an ultimate source of power to the current one, and the Pink Ranger tests them. However, it will be another one to give them. Imagine both Adam and Rocky returning to help Kat, who even mentions her husband, Tommy, finally showing that, yes, she’s Tommy’s wife, even though she never appears with him.



If they adapt the all Red ninja team-up, somehow Aurico has to be included.



As a continuation of his role on Dino Thunder, Tommy preserves the legacy of Power Rangers, and he does so by teaching future generations about the past. It would be a video of his to show the Ninja Steel Rangers about previous teams.


He looks up to the others at the end of the anniversary event.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!


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