Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel: are those the returning legends of the season?

30 Apr

Welcome back to my blog.

Power Rangers Super Megaforce did have its amount of returning legends, but the majority of them were included only in the finale.

Instead, it feels like Super Ninja Steel, the 25th season, will have returning legends as well, similar to its Sentai counterpart, NinNinger.

In fact, here’s the list of possible returning legends taken from Power Rangers Now.



Yoshi Sudarso is the first actor to have played a Power Ranger to appear in a Super Sentai episode, and I assume they’ll use footage of his cameo, with Preston saving him and telling to go away. Of course, it won’t just be meta in terms of “Blue Rangers”, but also because we’re talking about the Sudarso brothers.

Gia Moran


I don’t know how it could work, but I can see Megaforce Yellow reprising her role. After all, she’s still the last female Yellow Ranger, excluding Becky G’s Trini.

Chip Thorn


His Sentai counterpart actually taught Preston’s counterpart about magic. Maybe, the same happened here. Plus, his actor continued working with Power Rangers.

Trent Hernandez


I don’t see how a Dino Thunder “tribute” could work on Ninja Steel, but I’d love to see how they’ll play out having both Dino Thunder and Dino Charge in the same continuity.

Tori Hanson


Tori already appeared in the 15th anniversary event, so she can become more like her Sentai counterpart by teaming up with other anniversaries.

Shane Clarke


His Sentai counterpart did team up with NinNinger.

Wes Collins


Maybe the Silver Guardians are brought in for an episode?



Considering that his Sentai counterpart did appear, it is safe to assume that Aurico could appear somehow, even if his actor doesn’t play him, like in Forever Red.

Kat Hillard


“Kat was supposed to appear but didn’t” is something Power Rangers fans have read since Forever Red. I think it’s long overdue that she comes back.

Adam Park


It would be amazing to see Adam again.

Rocky DeSantos


Rocky coming back would finally fill the void of not seeing him on Forever Red.

Tommy Oliver



Wait, notice how Tanya would be the only main Zeo Ranger to not appear. Are they planning a Ninja Steel-Zeo team-up or something like that?

Jason Lee Scott


Austin St. John revealed that he was going to come back on Power Rangers, but couldn’t say when. Considering that the movie didn’t see his cameo, it is safe to assume his appearance in the series.

I’m going to spawn two articles from this. See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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