Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: what an incredible episode 28

24 Apr

Welcome back to my blog. This morning, I only watched Ex-Aid (if I’ll watch Kyuuranger, it’ll be in the evening). Man, what an incredible episode.

I definitely need to talk about it.

First of all, Poppy’s storyline gets better and better as the episodes go by. What was at first a comedic and sweet character has now become a Bugster, and she has to face a reality: to exist, she must have killed someone. Then, she infects a player, so the Riders have to defeat her.

Of course, with Emu being Emu, he tries to save her. After all, he still hopes she’ll get better.

I love how we get more elements from the relationship between Pallad and Emu, with the villain so desperate to fight him. In the end, they even sounded like Batman and the Joker.

When everything seemed fixed in the final battle, with Poppy good again, I thought that Ex-Aid loves to have a sudden dramatic ending when everything seems fine, so I thought that Pallad or Graphite would have showed up to eliminate Poppy. I’m glad something else happened: Pallad revealing to Emu “I am you” and getting into his body.

Everyone stayed In Character, especially Brave, who is so stoic in keeping the promise he made to his girlfriend that he’ll save a patient even at the cost of a former friend’s life.

Niko and Poppy together are funny, and I hope they can develop some sort of friendship.

After all, I think Ex-Aid is having an incredibly good central part, and I can’t wait for next week.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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