The culture behind a Megazord: the Carter Grayson era?

21 Apr

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Welcome back to my blog.

Fans divide Power Rangers into four eras. There’s the Zordon Era with the first seasons, tied together into one giant story arc, the Saban Era, which lasted until Wild Force, then the seven Disney seasons are part of one era and so are the ones on Nickelodeon.

However, there comes a problem when you ask a fan about Lost Galaxy, which is definitely a “sequel” to the Zordon Era due to story, characters and elements from past seasons showing up. However, this makes fans wondering if Lost Galaxy should be considered as part of the Era, considering that it’s the only one from the Saban Era which follows the past continuity. Of course, Wild Force has Forever Red, but that’s just a one-off occasion.

I actually consider the Saban Era to have last three seasons, but I don’t like to say “Saban Era”, because Saban produced seasons before and after, unlike Disney, whose era actually coincides with their production years.

Then, what do those seasons have in common? Well, they all see Carter Grayson appearing.

Carter has a unique record for a Red Ranger: he’s the only one to have appeared for three seasons in a row without changing powers. Think about all the Zordon Era Red Rangers who appeared in at least three seasons:

  • Jason did appear in four seasons, but they’re not consecutive and spends his third as the Gold Ranger and the fourth unmorphed on a cameo during the Turbo movie;
  • Rocky had two seasons as a Red Ranger, one as the Blue Zeo Ranger and one where he only appeared for a cameo;
  • Tommy did appear for five seasons in a row, but only for two he was a Red Ranger and he even changed powers between Zeo and Turbo;
  • TJ was the Red Turbo Ranger, but became the Blue Space Ranger and returned as the latest during Lost Galaxy;

Carter was the Red Ranger during Lightspeed Rescue, returned for the annual team-up with Time Force and was the one who recruited Cole for Forever Red.

As such, he can actually count as the one tying together the three seasons between Lost Galaxy and Ninja Storm.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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