Power Rangers Super Megaforce: who I would have replaced the New Powers with in their scenes

20 Apr

Welcome back to my blog.

Yup, talking again about Super Megaforce. It’s just that I was inspired to make an article about the “New Powers”, and which Power Ranger teams I would have used in their place.

Let’s go.

I will proceed in order.

Earth Fights Back


This is an SPD pseudo-tribute, and the Rangers have just used the RPM powers. Considering that SPD and RPM have in common that they don’t belong to present space and time (SPD is set in the future, RPM in another dimension), I’d use a team from another planet. Yup, I’d have gone with the Alien Rangers.

A Lion’s Alliance


Kinda “lazy” that the Rangers become the Wild Force Rangers twice in one episode, although the first one is needed to gain the attention of the Red Lion, but then they fall, and we have a “shot” of a Pink Ranger followed by a bad editing mess.

To make things easier, they could have simply used a Legendary Ranger mode: Operation Overdrive. That way, we could have seen all three anniversary teams represented in one episode. They do have a Pink Ranger, and it’s easier to edit them over the Turborangers.

Samurai Surprise


The shots in which they use RyuuRanger, Yellow Mask and Pink Flash can be cut off. Sure, if you want to film an actual Legendary Ranger mode in their place, who can you put? Well, at least choose Rangers not represented in this episode. For Gia, I’d go with the Yellow Turbo Ranger, a reference to the last Yellow Ranger to have two sets of powers like her. For Emma, the Pink Lightspeed Ranger, whereas Troy briefly fights as the Red Aquitar Ranger.

Wait, there’s also Noah. For him, I’d add a scene as the Jungle Fury Blue Ranger, only for him to morph back into Megaforce Blue. This would explain why he isn’t in Super Mega Mode when he joins the others.

Power of Six


Sure, becoming a Green Ranger is a reference to the original Sixth Ranger, but why using Green Flash? Time Force Green could have been used here nicely.

The Perfect Storm


The Dairanger scene called for a wonderful Mighty Morphin’ Legendary Mode with Orion as the White Ranger. The projectile attack could have been replaced with something else, even with them combining their weapons.

The Grass is Always Greener or Bluer


This episodes sees the Rangers using the powers of Changeman, despite the fact that they gain a new Ninja Storm power-up. Troy, Gia and Noah could become the Wind Rangers, and then have a scene with Emma as the Pink Space Ranger (maybe “adapting” when Gokai Red tries to hit the monster by changing into Red Mask).

The Wrath


As of this episode, we haven’t seen a Legendary transformation for three teams, because I added an Operation Overdrive change.

Noah becomes the Blue Space Ranger so that this season is “completed”, Gia becomes Time Force Yellow, Jake the Green Lightspeed Ranger, Emma Galaxy Pink and Noah the Blue Space Ranger, with Troy as the original Red Ranger.

Legendary Battle


The only change I’d made would be with the Blue Squadron Ranger. Replace him with RPM Blue. That’s because three teams are “missing” in the original final battle: Time Force, Wild Force and RPM. However, I’d show that, before using the “Legendary Battlizers”, Emma becomes Time Force Pink and Gia Wild Force Yellow.

That way, we’d have seen more powers used, and even the teams without a proper tribute morph would feel “represented”.

Sure, there’s the “problem” that we still need some places to fit in the four Rangers from Lightspeed Rescue (Red and Yellow) and Time Force (Red and Blue) to have at least every core Ranger in one season. I would put that scene where Gia becomes the Pink Space Ranger. I imagine it: Troy, Gia and Noah briefly becoming Lightspeed and Time Rangers for two attacks before having a legendary tribute morph into the Wind Rangers.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing about Super Megaforce. Man how I miss when it was the “current” season.

Anyway, the article ends here. See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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