Power Rangers movie: was is a missed opportunity to not release it on the 25th anniversary?

16 Apr

Welcome back to my blog. Sure, the movie was announced three years ago, but can you imagine the hype train that would have happened, had Saban waited for longer? Maybe, they could have announced in 2016 that, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers, they will release a brand new movie.

It would have felt better, something to celebrate how a craze from the ’90s is still going strong a quarter of century later. Plus, it could have been tied into the show’s anniversary event, like “okay, the movie came out, but the actual 25th anniversary event will be on Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel”.

Of course, had the movie premiered last summer, as it was planned, the sequel could have happened, and that would have celebrated the anniversary, but it got delayed, and I don’t think a sequel could happen next year, because blockbusters nowadays tend to not have such a fast production. Unless it’s something like a YA saga that needs to be completed in a short amount of time.

The article ends here. Happy Easter from the Empty Blog!



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