Power Rangers movie: how the name Trini tells us everything about her family

11 Apr

Risultati immagini per Becky G Trini

Welcome back to my blog.

Now, this article contains spoilers from the movie, so don’t get any further.

If you want to, I could put something else to show that the spoilery part begins.

Here’s another picture of Becky G as Trini.

Risultati immagini per Becky G Trini

First of all, considering she’s latina, Trini may be short for Trinidad. Now, who would call someone “trinity”, if not a religious family? It’s not like calling someone Christian.

That said, Trini’s parents do look like the type who are constantly being let down by their children no matter what, and maybe Trini had high expectations. After all, we don’t know anything about her freetime or her abilities aside from going outside meditating.

Another personal information we got is that she has “girlfriend problems”. This says everything.

Sure, maybe she’s a closeted lesbian (or bisexual), but if that’s not the case, that may explain her behaviour with their parents. They are religious enough to call their firstborn daughter “trinity”, so maybe they’re even narrow-minded, but their Trini is gay.

On a scene cut from the movie but shown in the trailer, Trini sees “ugly” sprayed over her locker. Why would you call Becky G ugly? Well, maybe you’re being an a-hole for another reason, which starts with h.

Anyway, this is just some strange speculation, and the article ends here.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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