The culture behind a Megazord: Power Rangers, 10 negative aspects of this movie

11 Apr

Welcome back to my blog.

Usually, when I review a blockbuster on my blog, not only is in Italian, but it follows something specific: I review it by analizing 10 negative aspects.

Therefore, I decided to do the same for Power Rangers, but in English. Sure, I’ll translate it later on, but here are 10 negative aspects of this movie. And don’t worry: let me finish and I’ll write 10 positive aspects.

Ready? It’s morphin’ time!

“Dark room talking”

This movie has moments that feel like the recent Fantastic 4 reboot. It was a huge flop, and it could be described with three words: dark room talking. On Power Rangers, they’re not so much in rooms, but a huge chunk of plot happens either outside at night or inside the dark Command Center. Sure, they do something more than talking (after all, this movie is everything Fant4stic should have been!), but it’s way darker for what I was expecting.

Everything feels so little

Everything feels narrowed down and “little”, as if the focus is zoomed. We barely even see large shots, and that makes everything little. Like the first Thor movie, which never gave me the feeling that an actual god was banished on Earth and had to fight a giant robot.

The monster already grown

This movie contains everything we know and love from Power Rangers, exepct one thing: the monster becoming huge once he’s defeated.

This time, Goldar starts out already huge, and the reason why the Rangers have to fight him twice is because he’s revived.

Rita even says “make my monster grow!”, but it doesn’t feel right, considering he’s already grown.

Kimberly’s reason for being in detention

Kimberly’s first scene sees her two friends cutting her out of their cheerleading group, so she cuts her hair. Sure, it’s to indicate that this is a different Kimberly (the original one commented on how her hair felt in her helmet).

However, when they reveal why she’s in detention, it’s something cringeworthy. She shared a private picture of her friend, naked, to her boyfriend!

Aside from the fact that why would she keep that picture, but this makes me think she’s actually a bad girl.

I admit to have had the feeling of “wait, am I supposed to cheer for her?”. Funnily enough, this is something I never felt for that awful trainwreck that is Suicide Squad. I felt like I shouldn’t root for one of the main characters on a Power Rangers movie but not in the one where the “heroes” are literally supervillains?!

On top of that, she’s even happy when their former friends’ car is damaged. No, Kim, no!

Mastodon and Sabre-toothed Tiger

Power Rangers had three installments with dinosuar motifs but none of them got the period right. After all, you don’t watch it for the accuracy. However, Zordon explains why the Zords have the forms of dinosaurs: because they were the dominant species 65 million years ago.

The problem is that the mastodon and the sabre-toothed tiger dodn’t exist back then. Sure, the mastodon look so different than an actual mastodon that it could actually represent something else, but the other one is clearly a sabre-toothed tiger.

No mention of the Megazord?

This is something that the novelization averts. Basically, to form a Megazord, the Rangers must bond so intensely to fuse their Zords. Therefore, teams could fight for years without forming one.

It should have been mentioned in the movie, because that would have explained why Rita was scared when they formed a Megazord: they bonded in their first battle.

Krispy Kream

I’m not completely against product placement. However, I hate when a movie shoves it right in front of my face like Power Rangers did with Krispy Kream.

Now, I thought they could have shown Ernie, the bartender of the original place the Rangers used to hang out, but no: it’s just one big talk about how Krispy Kream is a special place.

Are you serious? You use the climax of the movie to have one giant product placement?

Some jokes were out of place

When Zordon asks if the Rangers morphed, Zack says “in the shower”. Billy says they used to call him “Cramston”. There are even other “mature” jokes every now and then.

Why? They felt completely out of place on Power Rangers. Sure, the series almost never uses the word “kill”, so maybe that was a way to make them talk stuff a teenager would talk about.

Still, they were out of place!

Jason’s ankle monitor

So, Jason has an ankle monitor. It’s fine, because it shows that he can be a leader even though he has problems with the law (again, this movie does this better than Suicide freakin’ Squad!). However, with all he does, most importantly go underwater to enter the Command Center, we never see the ankle monitor again.

What happened to it? Sure, in the climax, the police were definitely more focused on the mysterious “gold murderer” and all the final battle, but I want it to be addressed again.

No one was warned?

In the TV show, they barely even have the time to train, as they already have to fight Goldar. Here, they have 11 days … and no one warns everyone?

I would have loved a scene where they tried to warn Angel Grove, only to fail because they’re all screw-ups. Like the scene where Trini’s mother asks here where she’s been and she tells the truth, only for her to not believe her daughter.

Now, those are 10 negative aspects, and you might have guessed I loved the movie by how “picky” they feel.

I’ll translate it and then go to write the positive one.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!


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