The culture behind a Megazord: which seasons never feature characters from Mighty Morphin’ at least once?

8 Apr

Welcome back to my blog.

One thing that Power Rangers has over Super Sentai is that its continuity is easily defined. Even seasons set in alternate continuities manage to get involved into a main universe in which all seasons from Mighty Morphin’ to Ninja Steel (excluding RPM and Dino Supercharge) take place.

Therefore, it doesn’t actually surprise how many seasons have featured characters from the original installment, to the point that it takes less time to write down the seasons which did not.

Lightspeed Rescue

The first six seasons were all part of a huge storyline, so it makes sense that characters from Mighty Morphin’ were carried over all the way to In Space. Lost Galaxy still had Bulk, Professor Phenomenus and Skull (but only for the pilot).

Lightspeed Rescue is the first actual season that doesn’t feature characters from MMPR, and, considering it’s the eight season, it means a lot.

Time Force

Time Force continued the trend, as the only other past characters to appear were the Lightspeed Rescue. If it wasn’t for the Lost Galaxy team-up, someone would think those two seasons take place in another timeline. And it would even let that infamous line “there’s no such thing as monsters” make little sense.

Ninja Storm

Wild Force was the 10th season, so it made sense for it to have Forever Red, which brought back Jason, Tommy, Alpha (but not Alpha 5), Bulk and Skull for one episode. To thi day, it’s the last time one of the original five Rangers actually appeared in the show.

Then, Ninja Storm acted as a sort of reboot, but it was followed by four seasons with characters from MMPR.

Dino Thunder had Tommy as one of the Rangers, SPD had a DT crossover, which did feature Tommy. Sure, he wasn’t played by Jason David Frank, so it probably doesn’t count.

Mystic Force saw the return of Rita Repulsa to pay homage to the late Machiko Soga.

Operation Overdrive saw Adam and Alpha returning for the 15th anniversary event.

Jungle Fury

Therefore, Jungle Fury was only the fourth season without Mighty Morphin’ characters.


RPM takes place in an alternate universe, and the only references to past seasons were a Jungle Karma Pizza and a prototype helmet of the Red Overdrive Ranger.


Samurai saw the return of Bulk, which reunited with Skull during Super Samurai, and Super Megaforce saw Tommy returning for the Legendary Battle. On Megaforce, however, we haven’t seen original characters returning, making it the first anniversary season with no legends reprising their role.

Dino Charge / Dino Supercharge

Apparently, Dino Charge also takes place in an alternate universe, so we haven’t seen characters from past seasons.

We don’t know yet if Ninja Steel (or Super Ninja Steel) features returning characters, but I remember reading that Austin St. John was set to return to the franchise, so maybe Jason will appear to celebrate the 25th anniversary.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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