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Joss Whedon nel DCEU?

30 Mar

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Pare che Joss Whedon sia interessato a girare un film su Batgirl, cosa che ha spinto la Warner Bros. a considerare il progetto. Adoro la cosa, perché significa che Whedon è talmente influente in questo ambito (specie dopo The Avengers) che gli basta desiderare di fare un film su un’eroina a caso perché si aprano le trattative.

Mi auguro sinceramente che il progetto vada a buon fine, perché Batgirl è tra le mie eroine preferite (intendo Barbara Gordon), e un suo film con Whedon alla regia potrebbe farmi riacqusire speranza nel DCEU.

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This post should have been about the crossover event

30 Mar

Because I thought I would have watched it now. However, I watched it last night, so I’ll just put here an empty post (meaning that it’s pointless) instead of it. If you want to know my opinions about the crossover, it is a few posts behind it. See you soon!

Me Me Big Boy

30 Mar

Timbelle – Apollo

30 Mar

Super Hero Time: the Kyuuranger/Ex-Aid crossover

29 Mar

Welcome back to my blog.

Yes, I finally got to watch the Kyuuranger/Ex-Aid crossover, and I’m going to watch it “in pieces” to tell you my opinions about it.

It won’t be a review, but just what I’m thinking as I watch it.

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Yosha Lucky! Crossover time

29 Mar

I finally got to watch the Kyuuranger/Ex-Aid crossover, so I’ll write the article as I’m watching it. I’m so glad to to this today, because it’s a nice way to end the 4th anniversary of my beginning to write tokusatsu articles. See you soon!

Power Rangers 2017: the movie to be released in China!

29 Mar


Welcome back to my blog. On Power Rangers Now, I read that the Power Rangers movie will get an official release in China. This is a good news, considering that only a limted number of foreign movies are released there each year. With the Chinese market being one of the biggest ones when it comes to movies, it is likely that Power Rangers will receive a boost. See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!