Power Rangers: a golden team?

24 Mar

Welcome back to my blog.

With Levi Wenston now part of the team, we can finally say there have been six Gold Power Rangers. That’s right: a colour that was introduced with 1996’s Zeo took more than 20 years to have 6 Rangers wearing it. Compare that with Silver: from Zhane to Zenowing, we have had 8 Silver Rangers (including them).

Therefore, I was wondering how this team would be structured. Who would lead it? Who would be the tactical expert? And so on.

The Gold Ranger from Zeo would definitely lead the team. If he’s Jason, it’s because he was the original PR leader. If he’s Trey, he’s still the first Power Ranger to wear gold.

Probably it’s because of the blue accents of his armour, but I can see Daggeron as the second in command, the “blue” of the team.

Gem is a Gold Ranger from another dimension, so I think he would fit as the “Sixth Ranger”, someone who shows up later on the others’ Earth to help them.

Antonio is the only one who didn’t have special abilities or experience before becoming a Ranger, so he would probably be the “last resort”, someone who waits until it’s his turn to solve things.

Ivan comes from another space (the alternate continuity of Dino Charge) and time (he was a medieval knight). His skills would made him the tactical expert, especially when sword fighting.

Levi is the newest Gold Ranger, but he’s a “ninja”, so he could make sneak attacks or use his element stars.

What would you think of this team?

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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