Super Hero Time: Kyuuranger 6 & Ex-Aid 23

21 Mar

Warning: this is not a review, but just what I’m thinking as I’m watching the two episodes. I was planning of doing it next week for the crossover, so this is just “practice”.

Welcome back to my blog.

So, three weeks ago, I decided to catch up on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, and I thought “finally, I’m hooked on both the current Rider and the current Sentai at the same time”, so I decided to watch them together, as if I was actually watching them on television.

However, as soon as I catched up on Ex-Aid, my hype for Kyuuranger started wearing off.

In fact, I began writing this article as I’m halfway to the sixth episode of Kyuuranger, because I paused it after I felt bored.

Now, if a TV show with 9 coloured superheroes fighting evil across space using giant robots makes me feel bored, something is definitely wrong, right?

It’s just that everything still feels way too rushed. Stuff that past Sentai would have used for complete story arcs are resolved in the middle of the episode. We went from ZyuOhger, in which episode 3 revealed that Leo doesn’t want to fight Sela because “males should not fight females” and, by the end of the episode, he was still thinking it (and it’s a surprising choice for a character trait on Super Sentai) … to a season in which the Red-Blue rivalry ends after episode 1, they already introduced 10 Rangers (including those who would become one) by episode 2 and, well, what happens in this episode.

Not only they decided to stay and fight on Earth, despite the fact that it felt like a series in which they would have travelled across space, which reduced my hype, but they started episode 6 with a nice premise: who is going to be the leader?

Their commander decides to make the one who accomplishes the most in the next mission the leader, and is … Lucky, the Red Ranger. Really? It could have been an awesome arc, the fact that nine heroes cannot decide on who leads them, and you throw it away?

Also, the Kyuulette seems so out of place. I would have loved an explanation that reminded of basketball. 5 heroes have to be the starting team, and then you can change them whenever you want. For instance, Lucky is the “playmaker”, but so is Stinger, so you replace one with the other whenever you want, at least for the first part of the fight. After all, their training ground is literally a basketball field!

Okay, I have to finish the episode. I’m glad that I “resisted” until the week before the crossover, but if Kyuuranger will still bore me I’ll put a hold for a while and catch it up later. I did the same with NinNinger, and it worked as then I enjoyed a lot of that season.

I’m at the scene where Hammy talks about why she can’t follow the leader. Someone like her, who trained hard to be the heroine she is now, can’t be lead by someone who is simply lucky. I like how the Commander steps in, as if he overheard it from his office and wanted to talk to her.

Well, I finished it, and I’m still bored, even though the episode ended with Lucky deciding that the Kyuurangers do not need a leader. The dancing practice seemed pointless, but they went Karate Kid and showed that the Commander wanted them to learn new moves. Oh, and the Pegasus power-up is cool, but why a “Battlizer” on episode 6? I mean, what’ll happen next?

The next episode will be part of the crossover, but I hope that Emu’s appearance would help me getting interested again on this Sentai, which started off awesomely.

Speaking of Emu, it is now time for the Ex-Aid episode.

The beginning is excellent, with the heroes risking on losing their positions as Kamen Rider. Now, considering that they’re about to crossover in a Super Hero Taisen movie, I don’t think we’ll see something permanent happening. Still, seeing that Kiriya is part of the story even though he was defeated three months ago is nice.

The new power-up is good, and even how Emu “struggled” to create it. See? He didn’t just get like Lucky. Of course, we’re about halfway through the season, while Kyuuranger is stil lat the beginning, so of course this kind of stuff would be different.

I like how Emu doesn’t want to end Genm’s life, because not only he is a doctor, but he believes he has to pay for his sins. Genm’s answer (to me, you’re all sinners, and I’m god) is perfect!

Also, Pallad manages again to subjugate the heroes’ brains by simply talking to them. Genm is just an empty shell, is soul is as dead as his body, so don’t see defeating him as taking a life, but just as defeating the final boss. I’m halfway through the episode (how many times did I say “halfway” and “through” in this article?), so let’s see how it finishes.

WHOA! I’m so surprised. They actually defeated Genmu. And now, Pallad will be the new main boss. I’m glad, because, when I first saw him, I thought he had the potential of being an excellent main boss. Plus, he looks like Favij, the most famous let’s player in Italy, so I love to see “evil Favij” here.

I can’t wait to see the crossover now, considering that it’ll literally be the first episode after the ending of a story arc. It’s similar to when Gavan teamed up with the Go-Busters.

With this kind of article, see you next week. As for us, see you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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