Stag Buster and Tommy Oliver

20 Mar

Welcome back to my blog.

You know what’s a particular and “strange” reason why I decided to give Go-Busters a shot? Well, aside from the fact that I can relate to Hiromu and his fear of chickens. Just look at me whenever any bird flies towards me and you’ll see me going Hiromu on it.

Anyway, it’s that Beet Buster usually pushes Stag Buster away when he “blocks” him. When I watched Mighty Morphin’ season 1, I never trusted Tommy until he became the White Ranger, so, every time he morphed into the Green Ranger, I hoped that someone would have thrown him away.

In fact, when Stag Buster had his cameo appearance on Super Hero Taisen Z, and he was pushed away, I thought “great, I finally see that scene!”.

I just wanted to share it with you.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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