The culture behind a Megazord: two females in a team with one male Yellow Ranger

8 Mar

Welcome back to my blog.

When a Sentai team has two female Rangers, it is rare to not have one of them being the Yellow one. In fact, here are the few instances in which it happened.



Changeman aired one year after Bioman became the first Sentai with two female Rangers, but it didn’t feature a Yellow Ranger, so it wouldn’t count.



Jetman was the first Sentai with two female but a male Yellow and a female Blue, as the only previous Sentai with a female Blue Ranger (Liveman) only had one girl.



It took long to finally have a combination Blue-Pink as the female Rangers, and Magiranger would be the only one to have it. Being a post-Jetman season, it is also the first time this occurred on Power Rangers, even though the SPD A-Squad had a female Red, a female Pink but a male Yellow.



Kyouryuuger didn’t feature a Yellow Ranger, but this is the first time a Sentai has three female Rangers without one of them having one of the three main colours (Red, Blue and Yellow). After that, ToQ 4gou would be the last female Yellow Ranger for the subsequent years.



NinNinger holds the distinction of being the actual first season in which the main colours are all male but the other core Rangers are female. One-off Green Ranger made them another team with three girls.



Zyuohger was the first Sentai since Jetman with a White-Blue combination. Also, this is the first time we have two girls in a team with a White Ranger without lots of Pink accents, apart from the “eyebrows”.



The characteristic of Kyuuranger is that the Pink Ranger is an additional one, whereas the Green Ranger was one of the first three members.

As you may see, there haven’t been consecutive years with a male Yellow with two females until ToQger, but now it seems to be the “trend”.

See you, next time, here, on the Empty Blog!



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